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Contact Telecare Service

  • Phone 0141 276 5615

What is it?

Telecare refers to a broad range of devices which are designed to help keep you safe in your home and enable you to summon assistance in an emergency. The service is mainly used by older people or people with disabilities, but it can also support people who have significant health problems.

The basic Telecare equipment consists of an alarm base unit with an inbuilt microphone and speaker. An emergency button (or pendant) is provided in addition to the main base unit and is worn around your neck or wrist to allow you to contact the Telecare service from anywhere inside your home.

When you press the emergency button on the base unit or pendant the device connects to a 24 hour call handling and monitoring service. Dedicated call handlers will be able to identify the type of alarm call that you have sent and view the information that you have provided. A call handler from the alarm service will speak to you through the speech unit on the base unit. If you require your relatives, the police or fire brigade then they can be called to help you.

How do I apply for the Telecare Service?

To apply for the basic telecare system (an alarm base unit, pendant and optional smoke alarm) you, or someone on your behalf, should complete a word icon Telecare Assessment Form [318kb]. We will use the information that you provide to assess if you meet the criteria for the service. The criteria includes a number of factors including your age, medical requirements and current support arrangements. If you require to speak to a member of the Telecare Service directly, please call 0141 276 5615.

What do I need for the service to work?

For the system to work

  • You will need to have a phone that is capable of making and receiving calls.
  • You will also need a spare electrical socket near your telephone.

Are there other Telecare devices available to help me?

Besides the core alarm unit, some people may have quite specific needs where other devices programmed to the alarm unit would be of particular help. Examples of these include:

  • fall detectors that can raise an automatic alert if you fall and are unable to press your pendant
  • sensors that alert support staff if there has been no-one moving around the house for a period of time
  • devices to minimise fire risk

If you feel any of the above devices could help you, then you can discuss this with a health professional or someone from Social Work Services who can complete a referral on your behalf. The appropriate specialist equipment will be programmed into your core alarm unit.

Is there a charge for the Telecare Service?

Yes. You will have to pay for the service; however, you do not have to pay for the telecare equipment that allows you to contact the service when you need help.

The service charge for the alarm service will be £3.37 per week. If you feel you may have difficulty in making this payment, you can complete a Financial Assessment Form when you apply for Telecare.


Contact Telecare Service

  • Phone 0141 276 5615
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