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Recovery, Resilience and Reconnection 2020

As we enter the next phases of the Scottish Government's road map out of lock down in response to the coronavirus global pandemic we will post current information here on the recovery, resilience and reconnection framework for our schools and learning.

  • Education research team publish Glasgow Stories of recovery series - Tuesday 12th October 2021

The Education Services research team and Glasgow Psychological Services have started to produce a series of papers which look at aspects of education in Glasgow and consider the impact of the pandemic on the lives of staff, children and their families. 

The first four have now been published and will help shape the department's response to recovery, resilience and reconnection as part of the route out of lockdown and to help learn lessons from the impact of the pandemic on schools, children and young people, families and stakeholders.

You can read the series of publications below:

pdf icon Glasgow Stories of Recovery - Capturing Experiences of our ASL schools [2Mb]

pdf icon Glasgow Stories of Recovery - Working with Partners [2Mb]

pdf icon Glasgow Stories - Education Services Covid-19 response Part 1 [1Mb]

pdf icon Glasgow Stories Digital Inclusion [2Mb]

  • Scottish Government update on Higher and Advance Higher SQA exams 2021 - Tuesday 8 December 2020

The Deputy First Minister has announced the update on plans for the Higher and Advance Higher SQA exam diet in 2021 due to ongoing health pandemic.  Read full information at

  • Scottish Government evidence paper on transmission, risks and absences - Wednesday 19 November 2020

A summary of the latest evidence on coronavirus (COVID-19) in schools has been published by the government and can be read at

  • Move to Scottish Government Level 4 restrictions information for schools

A letter has been sent to all our school families with information on the move to Level 4 Scottish Government restrictions.

pdf icon Maureen McKenna move to Level 4 Parent and Carers letter 18 November [126kb]

  • Updated schools' guidance which outlines additional protection measures at all five levels in the Strategic Framework and comes into force on Monday 2 November - Friday 30 October 2020

The Deputy First Minister has announced updated guidance on school safety to take account of public health advice and Scotland's new approach to suppressing coronavirus (COVID-19).

This includes new advice on face coverings for staff, senior pupils and parents visiting schools.

You can read the full details and guidance at

  • Deputy First Minister's speech on SQA Awards 2021 - Wednesday 7 October 2020

An annoucement has been made today by the Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary, John Swinney on the SQA exam diet next year - you can read the full speech and supporting documents at and

SQA has issued the a statemen that can be read in full at

  • Local restrictions in relation to household self-isolation lifted - Tuesday 29 September 2020

Public Health have informed us that the West of Scotland restrictions which meant all households have to self-isolate when one member is a contact have been lifted with effect from yesterday 29th September.

A letter has been issued by the Deputy First Minister and can be read in full by clicking on this link pdf icon Deputy First Minister Minister Letter - removal of local restrictions on self-isolation [270kb]

  • Scottish Government update guidance on Face coverings in Secondary Schools - Tuesday 25 August 2020

Guidance for pupils and staff on the use of face coverings in schools and on school transport has been updated.

In light of the latest scientific and public health advice, including World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, face coverings should now (unless exemptions apply) be worn:

  • in secondary schools, by adults and all pupils moving around the school, such as in corridors and communal areas where physical distancing is difficult to maintain
  • on dedicated school transport by all children aged five and over, bringing it into line with guidance for public transport

Read the full guidance.

  • Updated Face covering advice incorporating the new WHO guidance - Monday 24 August 2020

pdf icon Senior Phase Young People and Face Coverings [371kb]

  • Face covering advice issued to secondary schools - Friday 21 August 2020

Advice on the use of face coverings in secondary schools has been issued and in relation to the Scottish Government advice and guidance issued on the 30 July and will be updated with any new evidence published.

pdf icon Senior Phase Face Covering advice [250kb]

  • Glasgow City Parents' Group - Q&A session with Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education - Wednesday 19 August 2020

Our education director answers a variety of questions posed by parents from schools across the city on the return to full time learning and covering a number of topics.


  • Back to school reflections - Tuesday 18 August 2020

Children and young people returned to schools and nurseries across the city from Wednesday 12 August and the majority will now all be attending full time.  We thought that it might be helpful for staff and parents to gather together information and a frequently asked questions paper of some points that have be raised by schools and families.

Our schools will continue to communicate any new and updated plans directly to their families over the coming weeks and months but we've covered some general issues in the back to school reflections document:

pdf icon Return to School Reflections [365kb]


  • Schools to open full time at the beginning of the new term in August - Thursday 30 July 2020

The Scottish Government has announced that all schools can open full time from the beginning of the new school term in August - Wednesday 12 August.

Schools will communicate directly with families on their plans ahead of the new term and a parents letter is being issued from Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education.  Plans for the return to full time education are detailed below along with an updated Q&A following engagement with the Glasgow City Parents' Group.

pdf icon Executive Director of Education Parents' Letter - 30 July 2020 [271kb]

pdf icon Education RRR August 2020 [2Mb]

pdf icon Glasgow City Parents' Group (GCPG) updated Q&A - July 2020 [254kb]

pdf icon Director of Education Nursery Letter 30 July 2020 [278kb]

pdf icon Scottish Government Schools Q&A 30 July [587kb]

  • Glasgow Stories - education services covid-19 response

Our research team and psychological services are planning a series of small research projects exploring our lockdown experiences. This is the first in the series 'Glasgow Stories of Recovery'.

pdf icon Glasgow Stories - Education Services Covid-19 response Part 1 [1Mb]

  • Scottish Government update on planning for re-opening schools safely - Thursday 16 July 2020

New scientific evidence and guidance has been published by the  COVID-19 Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children's Issues to support the safe re-opening of schools in August.

  • 1140hrs early learning and childcare update for Glasgow families - Monday 13 July 2020

In order to support parents and carers in Glasgow, we would like to confirm that if the government announcement on 30 July allows all children and young people to return to schools and nurseries full-time in August then 1140 hours will be offered to as many of our eligible families as possible.

This means that if there's a change to the public health advice that allows full registered capacity to be used in early years' settings, the following will apply across the city:

In Council nurseries, where capacity may still be affected by workforce availability, priority for 1140 hours will be given to single working parents or two working parents households and to vulnerable families. All other eligible families would be offered at least 600 hours, dependent on the capacity of the nursery and availability of staff.

• Funded Providers should be paid for the hours they can deliver within any new guidance which would be between 600 hours and 1140 hours.

• Cross-boundary funding, which supports families who need to access nursery places in other council areas, would continue within the existing protocol, as agreed across the eight West Partnership local authorities, for up to a maximum of 1140 hours.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years said today: "We know that this has been a very anxious time for our families.

"In February, before the global health pandemic and lock down, Glasgow was well on track to deliver 1140 hours of fully funded early learning and childcare.

"Around 87% of council nursery capacity was being used to deliver 1140 hours - a real boost for working parents and Glasgow's children.

"Our hope is that following the Scottish Government announcement on the 30 July we will be able to continue to improve the offer to as many of our families as possible.

"This will help our working parents who are starting to be asked to return to the workplace and for parents who are returning to full time education.

"This has been a long few months for us all and I know that any uncertainty over childcare is not ideal but we need to have all the contingency plans in place for the different scenarios we could be facing.

"What I want to say to parents is that we are doing everything that we can to make sure we can offer what we could before lock down and that we will continue our efforts to make sure that no family is disadvantaged but this depends on a number of factors out with our control."


  • Joint Scottish Government/COSLA Education Recovery Group release - Thursday 25 June 2020

Latest National Education Recovery Group statement.

  • Parent Communications end of term - June 2020


pdf icon School and Nursery Parents' Letter 23 June 2020 [191kb]

pdf icon MMcK - parents' letter 1 June 20 [111kb]

pdf icon Director of Education Nursery Parents' letter - June 2020 [151kb]

pdf icon Glasgow City Parents' Group QA May highlights [368kb]


  • Deputy First Minister's statement on return to full time in August - Tuesday 23 June 2020

Read John Swinney's statement on the return to full time schooling in August if virus continues to be suppressed.


  • Director of Education - End of Term Message - Monday 22 June 2020

pdf icon End of term staff message from Maureen McKenna [199kb]


  • SQA Update - Friday 19 June 2020

In response to the cancellation of this year's exams, SQA has been working on developing an alternative certification model, to ensure the hard work of Scotland's learners is fully recognised through our qualifications system.

Today, SQA has published a statement, and guidance regarding the post certification review (appeals) process that will be used this year

The statement, and links to the guidance, can be found here 

  • Update on School Term Dates - Thursday 18 June 2020

The Scottish Government has advised that schools should open from 11th August with pupils starting from 12th August. This means that in Glasgow, we need to make some changes to the school calendar. These have been agreed through the Local Management Committee for Teachers in line with SNCT 20/76.

Monday 10th August - In-service day for all teachers and support staff in schools and nurseries

Tuesday 11th August - in-service day for all teachers and support staff in schools and nurseries

Wednesday 12th August - group 1 for primary schools (who would normally be in Monday and Tuesday); secondary schools, ASL schools and nurseries open in line with their individual plans

Thursday/Friday 13th August - group 2 for primary schools; secondary schools, ASL schools and nurseries open in line with their individual plans

As Monday 10th August is currently a school holiday, Friday 5th February 2021 will now be a school holiday.


Early Learning and Childcare - COVID -19 Funded Provider update Thursday 4 June

  • Following the Council briefing sessions for Funded Providers held on Monday and Tuesday of this week, a number of concerns have subsequently been raised. I would like to take this opportunity to further clarify the Council's position regarding the expansion and our future funding arrangements.

    Firstly, the Scottish Government  has taken the sensible decision to remove the duty on local authorities to deliver 1140 hours in response to the COVID-19 situation. This recognises the impact of the lockdown, the challenges some authorities and providers were facing to recruit staff and the closedown of capital projects at a critical stage in the expansion programme. Glasgow City Council supports this decision but we recognise that this will be disappointing for parents.

    This has been coupled with a national requirement to divert resources to support the ongoing and future childcare needs for key worker and vulnerable families now and into the recovery period for the wider community over what is an indeterminate period of time. The Council has been advised to use its funding for early learning and childcare to pay for this.

    I would want to reassure our partner providers that we still intend to build on the good progress we were making towards the 1140 commitment with partners and move as quickly as we can to its expanded provision.

    However, the reality is that the prospect of a city wide  application and availability of 1140 hours from August is just not possible given the very necessary steps we need to take to keep our staff and children safe. If we are only able to take around half the numbers of children into each nursery then we will need to reduce the offer in order to enable as many children as possible to benefit from high quality early learning and childcare.

    I also want to stress that the Council nurseries will face the same challenges. There were some comments on social media which implied that we had provided enhanced funding in some way to our own nurseries at the expense of funded providers. This is not accurate. What we did do was increase our staffing in a planned, careful way trying out different models in advance of the August 2020 deadline. This approach enabled some families to benefit from 1140 hours in the last two academic sessions. This did not detract in any way from our support for funded providers.

    As you are aware we have worked with you very closely over the past three years and have been very supportive of the need to secure a financially sustainable funded provider market across the City with the removal of the cap in commissioned places, the move to 900 hours last August and the application of the sustainable commissioning rate a full year ahead of the statutory requirement.

    In clarification,

    · Glasgow is progressing with the new commissioning framework from August as planned and previously advised

    · The actual number of hours being commissioned will vary in response to the prevailing national guidance on ELC opening and operating requirements

    · A minimum of 600 hours (the current statutory requirement) will be commissioned.

    · Existing levels of commissioned placements will continue to be paid (whether utilised or not) as a financial sustainability support

    · We will migrate to 1140 hours as quickly as we can, where this is mutually agreed with providers in accordance with national guidance and local admissions policy and priorities. In the current challenging circumstances it is regrettably not possible to determine when this will be.

    · GCC settings will face the same operating restrictions as funded providers

    I appreciate that the advice shared at the briefings may have given cause for concern amongst providers, particularly if there are perceptions of other councils progressing to 1140 as originally planned.

    Until the national guidance is issued and there is greater clarity on the impact of COVID -19  across the entire sector, a prudent and realistic approach is one which we must collectively advocate at this time. It would be wholly inappropriate and potentially damaging to embark on our planning and resourcing on an expectation that 1140 will be universally available as originally planned.

  • SQA National Courses results update - Wednesday 3 June 2020

    In response to the cancellation of this year's exams, SQA has been working on developing an alternative certification model, to ensure the hard work of Scotland's learners is fully recognised through our qualifications system.

    Following the receipt of refined estimates for learners from schools and colleges across Scotland, SQA has published a statement providing an update on our work this year, including details of our free appeals service. The statement can be read at


  • Enrolment and placing requests -

    • Placing Request Update - 1 June 2020

      Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) please note the following regarding enrolment and placing request applications:-

      Although Education Services are now accepting all online enrolment and placing request applications please be aware you may experience some delays due to limited staff resources at this time. We thank you for your patience during this time.

    • Placing Request Update - 1 May 2020

      Education Services will be posting out more than 2,500 responses to placing request applications on Friday 1 May. Parents and carers can expect to receive their letters over the coming week.

      The legislation has been updated and now gives the Council up to three months to convene an Appeal Hearing.

  • Early Learning and Childcare

    Our 52 week nurseries continue to deliver and support childcare for key/essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.  Please visit our Glasgow Family Information Service (GFIS) for information on both council early learning and childcare establishments and partner providers (please be aware that some partner providers are closed during the crisis) -  or call the GFIS new telephone number: 0141 287 7350.






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