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What is it?

Please note the grant is now closed.

Do you have a great idea to help a town centre in Glasgow to survive and thrive during the challenges of Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has focused attention on the crucial role of Glasgow's high streets as centres of community life. We have all had to live, work, shop and play closer to home. This has brought a renewed appreciation for the places where we live, but has also highlighted key challenges around how we can best use limited space for the benefit of all.

The Spaces for People programme increased the space available for pedestrians in shopping areas through temporary interventions. The new Animating Spaces grant fund offers an opportunity for community-led proposals for temporary interventions which can build on this work to creatively animate streets to meet the needs for social distancing, increased local activity and economic stimulus.

The Council is now making available grants of up to £20,000 (unless by exceptional circumstances) for capital works which can assist town centres to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19 by animating spaces for safe movement, trading and improved public space quality. This additional funding will allow qualitative works which were beyond the scope of the Spaces for People programme.

Please consult the guidance on the use of Council land, including the use of external areas and planning permission, which can be seen here.

Animating Spaces is available to all town centres in the neighbourhoods of the City. There is also a focus on supporting locally-led initiatives such as Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and traders' associations. A list of Town Centres is shown here.

What does the grant cover?

The Animating Spaces grant can cover a variety of capital works. These could include building directly upon existing Spaces for People works, creating outdoor seating areas or greenery within existing cordoned off areas of streets or parking. It could also include a whole range of environmental improvements such as creating a new public space, shopfront improvements, lighting enhancement or refitting a vacant shop unit for community use. Where works have an effect on or are sited next to the public realm or street, there is an expectation that they will be safe to use, easily reversible and temporary in character. All work carried out must be fit for purpose, weather-resistant and must not obstruct public walkways.

Eligible costs can be up to 100% depending on circumstances and can cover:

  • Professional fees and costs such as appointing an architect to produce drawings, oversee and certify works and obtain any required statutory consents;

  • Costs from works such as contractors' invoices and materials.

Priority will be given to those applications that can demonstrate local linkages, particularly the support of the local community council and other community organisations.

What does the grant not cover?

The Animating Spaces grant will not cover running or administration costs, any non-capital works and any works that result in a single operator's private gain.


As this funding has become available as part of the Scottish Government's Covid-19 economic stimulus, grants are required to be committed by way of a signed contract for works before the end of March 2021 and must be completed by the end of September 2021.

As part of this, if your application is successful, we will establish milestones that you will be required to meet in order to reach the timescale.

How to Apply

Please note the grant is now closed.

To apply for funding through this programme please read the terms and conditions attached to the front of the application form. 

Please note if your files are larger than 3MBs in total please Email these to us quoting your project name along with your contact details.

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