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The Glasgow Green Deal

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The Glasgow Green Deal is a nine-year mission which will fundamentally reshape the city's economy. It is a transformative new approach, designed to bridge the gap between aspirations and action around the Climate and Ecological Emergencies and deliver equitable, Net Zero carbon, climate resilient living by 2030.

Through the mission, Glasgow City Council will work with businesses, citizens and Governments to design policy and regulatory measures, innovative and investable projects, and a supporting framework with Governments, the private and public sector and communities.

The Glasgow Green Deal, is being guided by three interlinked objectives:

  • reducing carbon emissions and building resilience to the impacts of climate change;
  • creating prosperity, sustainable jobs and high-quality places;
  • eliminate poverty and deliver justice through inclusion and equality.

The deal was a key commitment in Glasgow's Climate Action Plan, with Climate Change highlighted as an integral challenge for the future of the city and regional economies. The Glasgow Green Deal will:

  • inspire and engage businesses and citizens to participate in the mission;
  • scale up and accelerate deployment of solutions and delivering systemic innovation in a way which addresses these three aims; and
  • revise and reshape existing programmes and project activity to align with the objectives of the Green Deal

How will we do it?

pdf icon The Green Deal roadmap [2Mb] builds on many projects and activities already underway in the City, such as the Housing Retrofit Programme, the Glasgow Metro, the Climate Neutral Innovation District, and the Clyde Climate Forest - and complements them with a strong focus on systems innovation. This is about developing new processes, new approaches, new ways of working, new institutions, to do things differently and do different things.

To help direct activity, the mission has 8 proposed areas of focus:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewables
  • Mobility
  • Infrastructure connectivity
  • Restoring nature
  • Competitive Industry and Circular Economy
  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Tackling Residual Emissions

How can you get involved?

**Please note the call for views and ideas form has now closed. The deadline for responses was Friday 14th January 2022. All responses are currently being considered and the findings will be published in due course.**

Delivering the Glasgow Green Deal is one of the biggest challenges the City has faced. It is achievable, but it will rely on everyone - all citizens, businesses and public sector organisations - bringing skills, expertise, capacity and resources to bear. Therefore, we are calling for citizens, businesses and community groups to get involved.

Help us shape our approach to the Glasgow Green Deal

The success of the Glasgow Green Deal depends on collaboration with our citizens and city partners. Stakeholders. It is important to seek views on the overall approach at this early stage, including:

  • The overall Mission and guiding objectives
  • Our planned areas of focus and levers of change
  • The economics and finance of a Green Deal
  • How it's governed and managed
  • How we are planning to make it happen

To that end, we welcome contributions to this process and invite those interest to complete our call for views and ideas form by Friday 14th January 2022. We will also be running a number of events, details of which will be posted here shortly.

Tell us your ideas for Glasgow Green Deal projects

We are keen to hear your ideas about what other initiatives we should pursue under the Green Deal, and what support you might need from the City to implement it. You can submit your ideas using the call for views and ideas form.

Help us deliver the Glasgow Green Deal

Your community, organisation or business can help deliver the Green Deal by developing programmes and initiatives in the focus areas, aligned to the mission. You can tell us about them, along with what help and support you need to make it a reality. We can't guarantee we'll support all of them, but understanding need will help us prioritise and respond more effectively.

Raise awareness of the Glasgow Green Deal

You can raise awareness of the Glasgow Green Deal in your organisation, your community, including promoting it on social media, running events to discuss how to make it happen in your area.

If you've responded to our Call for Ideas and have any further comments or suggestions, please get in touch by emailing

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