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Bridgeton - Main St


Main Street

Expected Work Start Date:

10 August 2020

Expected Work Completion Date:

10 August 2020


Main Street: South of Dalmarnock Road, the carriageway will be narrowed by 2m. Double yellow lines will be extended on the east side of the carriageway by 8 metres south of the junction with Dalmarnock Road.

Neighbourhoods - Bridgeton


To allow the widening of the existing footway to enable physical distancing.

To allow queueing areas for local shops.


The temporary works will be in place for a minimum period of 10 weeks.

The temporary works will be reviewed in line with the Scottish Government's Covid-19 Framework for Decision Making 'Scotland's Route Map through and out of the crisis'.

Bridgeton (Main Street and Dalmarnock Road)

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