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Glasgow City Council

Gritting and Salt

Every effort is made to treat city roads before the temperature falls to freezing point. Salting routes are reviewed and prepared before the winter maintenance period begins in order to ensure that traffic is disrupted as little as possible.

How do we decide where to salt?

We have agreed a set of priorities in the event of snow or ice on road surfaces being forecast.

Top priority is given to:

  • major bus routes
  • junctions
  • emergency facility access routes

Lowest priority is given to:

  • parks
  • private roads

A list of agreed precautionary treatment targets can be found in our Winter Maintenance Plan along with treatment priorities in the continued presence of snow or ice on the City's roads within normal working hours.

How do we decide when to salt?

We have a contract with the Metreological Office to supply weather forecasts for Glasgow each day from the beginning of October until mid May.

The department has also installed ice stations at five selected locations within the city which together with the facility to access fifteen other stations in adjacent authorities help to improve the accuracy of forecasts. Staff can access information from these stations via portable computers.

Pre gritting operations are undertaken from the beginning of November until the end of March on a standby arrangement. Ad hoc gritting is done out with this period.

Are footways (or pavements) treated?

Yes. A list of our footway treatment priorities can be found in our Winter Maintenance Plan.

Where can I get salt supplies?

Small quantities of rock salt (maximum 10kgs) are available to the public at the following Glasgow City Council depots and local parks.

Please bring your own bag for salt collection.

Local Parks

  • Victoria Park
  • Greenfield Park
  • Springburn Park (access is from the Belmont Road entrance to the park opposite Stobhill Hospital)
  • Kings Park

Depot Locations

  • Dawsholm Recycling Centre
    75 Dalsholm Road
    G20 0TB
  • Easter Queenslie Recycling Centre
    90 Easter Queenslie Road
    G33 4UL
  • Shieldhall Recycling Centre
    Renfrew Road

Depot Salt Uplift Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10.00am-4.00pm

How do I get a grit bin relocated?

Grit bin locations have been agreed with local communities. Further details of our policy on grit bins can be found in our Council Minutes.

If you want to request that a bin be relocated, please contact us on 0141 287 9000.

How do I get my road gritted?

Check if your road is covered by the criteria for Pre Gritting as per Section 3 of the Winter Maintenance Plan.

Roads out with the priority criteria will be treated in accordance with Section 3.3.1 in the Winter Maintenance Plan.

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