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Glasgow City Council

Get a Social Work Service out of Office Hours

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  • Phone 0300 343 1505

How do I get a Social Work Service out of office hours?

Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Service, previously called Social Work Standby Service, provides an emergency social work service out of normal office hours. The service provides emergency social work intervention, relieve situations of acute risk and meet statutory obligations.

The service essentially deals with referrals which are too urgent to await action by the local social work office the following day.

How do I contact them?

You should phone 0300 343 1505 to contact them.

What areas do they cover?

The team is based in Glasgow but covers 7 local authority areas in the West of Scotland:

Can I apply online for a Service?

If you live within the Glasgow City Council area and your request is non-urgent then we now have a number of online forms that you can use to apply for a service.  You can apply online for:

If your request is urgent then you should phone the number above.

Get in touch

  • Phone 0300 343 1505
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