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Other Exemptions and Discounts

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If you would like to know more about any of the below exemptions or discounts below please complete our Enquiry Form.

  • A person who is detained in prison
  • A person aged 18 years and over for whom another person is entitled to receive child benefit
  • A person under the age of 20 who leaves school/college after the 1st May and becomes a full time student before 31st October of the same year
  • An apprentice
  • A member of a religious community
  • A person or a dependant of that person who is a member of a headquarters or other organisation
  • A Youth Training Trainee
  • Occupation is prohibited by law
  • Last occupied by a charitable body
  • Held by, or on behalf of, a religious body for occupation by a minister of religion as a residence to perform the duties of that office
  • Subject to repossession by a Bank, Building Society, Etc
  • Where Council Tax liability is due by a Permanent Trustee, appointed in terms of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985
  • A trial flat held by a Registered Housing Association for occupation by disabled persons, or persons of pensionable age
  • Forms part of, or is included with, another house (being the sole or main residence of the same person), which is difficult to let separately from that other house
  • Owned by Communities Scotland, a local authority or a registered social landlord and is to be demolished
  • A hall of residence, owned & managed by a charity or an educational institution, who retain the right to nominate who the majority of the occupiers are
  • Council Tax liability is due by a member of a visiting force, or a dependant of such a person, within the meaning of the Visiting Forces Act 1952
  • Owned by the Secretary of State for Defence and used for armed forces accommodation
  • Situated on land used for agricultural or pastoral purposes only
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