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Glasgow City Council

Make Payment to your Private Sector Housing Accounts

  • Phone 0141 287 8498

What is it?

If you live in a tenement property, common repair works may have been carried out by Glasgow City Council or a notice may have been served by the Council on owners to facilitate repair work to the property.

Action may have been taken under the following legislation:

  • Section 24 of Housing (Scotland) Act 1969
  • Section 108 of Housing (Scotland) Act 1987
  • Section 30 of Housing (Scotland) Act 2006
  • Section 42 of Housing (Scotland) Act 2006
  • Section 50 of Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

You may find that a Charging Order or Repayment Charge has been registered against your property title in order to secure monies owed to the Council.

How do I make Payment?

If you have received a bill from Glasgow City Council for any of the above, please Make a Payment using your Council Account - S35, S36, S49, S50 or S108.

How to make a payment

Please input your account number which will have 7 digits and begin with a:

  • 4 or 5 for a Housing (Scotland) Act 1987, S108 account
  • 6 for an S35 account, or
  • 7 for an S50 account, or
  • 8 for an S36 account or
  • 9 for an S49 account.

If you need any assistance with making a payment to any of the above account types please contact:

Glasgow City Council
Customer and Business Services
3rd Floor
220 High Street
Glasgow G4 0TW






  • Phone 0141 287 8498
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