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Research Access in Schools

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Within Education, there is a policy of evaluating all requests for research access made to the department or any section of it. Anyone wishing access must complete the Research in Schools Application Form.

The Education Services Research Group is comprised of senior staff from across the service. The ESRG screens all external research proposals. This process is intended to co-ordinate and organise research proposed or being carried out within Education. This will also avoid any excessive demands on staff resources and ensure the protection of client confidentiality.

I work in a school do I need to apply?

If your research is classroom-based action research that is part of your day-to-day teaching and approved by the head of your establishment then you do not need to submit an application to the ESRG. Action research facilitates the identification of specific areas of practice which have the potential to be refined or improved.

Teachers and other school-based staff (including peripatetic) do not need to apply to the ESRG if they are Glasgow City Council employees carrying out research (undergraduate or post-graduate - excluding doctoral level) in their own school and have approval from the head of establishment.

Teachers and other school-based staff (including peripatetic) planning on conducting research in a school they are not employed by do need to apply to the ESRG, as do all staff undertaking doctoral studies.

I am a university student on placement in a school do I need to apply?

If your research is part of your Initial Teacher Education (undergraduate or postgraduate) is being conducted as part of your placement, is classroom based research and is carried out with permission from the head of the establishment you do not need to apply to the ESRG. However, if your research is at doctoral level we ask that an application is submitted.

Education Services Research Group (ESRG)

The ESRG welcomes and supports research in our schools and every application will be carefully considered. However please be aware that there is no legislative or policy imperative for the department to agree research access to any external party and the decision of the ESRG is final - there is no opportunity to appeal.

The ESRG will meet on the dates noted below to consider applications for research access. Once the meeting has taken place applicants will be notified accordingly whether their application for research access has been approved or refused.

Applicants should note the submission deadline dates for applications. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered until the next scheduled meeting of the research group.

Please send your completed application to:


ESRG 2023/24 Meeting Schedule

Below you will find the dates for forthcoming ESRG meetings and the application deadlines for each meeting.

18 January 2024 (applications must be submitted by 5 January 2024)

22 February 2024 (applications must be submitted by 9 February 2024)

28 March 2024 (applications must be submitted by 15 March 2024)

2 May 2024 (applications must be submitted by 19 April 2024)

6 June 2024 (applications must be submitted by 24 May 2024)

25 July 2024 (applications must be submitted by 12 July 2024)

Note to Applicants

When filling out the Research in Schools Application Form please save the document onto your PC before completing any information to ensure no data is lost.

Please read Appendix 1 - Education Services Research Evaluation Criteria for further information and guidance on the process.

If your research involves pupils please refer to the booklet Get Your Facts Right (A Guide to Social Research) which has been produced by pupils and will provide further guidance on how to approach research in Glasgow City Council Establishments.

Please do not approach our schools about your research until you have applied and been approved by the ESRG. 

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