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Glasgow City Council

New city centre speed limit

A new speed limit of 20mph comes into effect in the city centre on Monday, 21 March 2016.

New signage and road markings are in place advising motorists that they are entering a 20mph zone.  The zone is bounded by the south bank of the River Clyde, Newton Street, West Graham Street, Cowcaddens Road, North Hanover Street, Cathedral Street and High Street.

The city council launched a six week public consultation on the proposed speed limit last year, with 69% of the responses supportive of the plans.

Andy Waddell, Glasgow City Council's Head of Infrastructure Services, said: "The introduction of a 20mph zone in the city centre is a key element of the city centre transport strategy. The primary motivation is to improve safety and make the city centre a better place to be.

"The number of people entering the city centre has risen significantly and by reducing the speed of vehicles we reduce the risk and severity of accidents. It will also contribute to a better city centre environment, smoother traffic flows and improved air quality.  It also makes it a more encouraging environment for cyclists and pedestrians."

Last year, a speed survey carried out in the proposed city centre zone recorded an average speed of 22.6mph - which is considered acceptable for the implementation of a 20mph limit without the introduction of further traffic calming measures (road humps etc).

In 2009, Glasgow's Health Commission reported that the introduction of 20mph zones, particularly near schools, would save young lives and reduce the seriousness of road casualties within local communities.

Following this, the council prioritised the first phase of mandatory 20mph zones which were implemented in 2011. Since then, a total of 65 residential areas have had 20mph mandatory zones implemented. These 65 zones cover 163km, or approximately 12% of unclassified roads in Glasgow.

Enforcement of the 20mph zone will be carried out by Police Scotland.

Further information on the 20mph city centre zone is available here






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