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South City Way

The final phase of the project is expected to commence from Autumn 2023.

After an extensive three stage assessment process for the Scottish Government's Community Links Plus funding, which featured 25 initial cycle route proposals from across Scotland, it was announced on the 12 August 2016 that Glasgow's South City Way proposal has been successful in obtaining £3.25 million pounds of funding from this source.

This will match the £3.25 m from Glasgow City Council to take the project through to completion.

This project will deliver safer, more comfortable, faster and more coherent cycle routes that will continue to expand Glasgow's Cycle Network. It will help redevelop Victoria Road as focus for the community and as a place for sustainable walking, cycling, bus and rail travel.

The new route will be delivered alongside cycling promotional campaigns from the council and various community cycle groups that have come together as the Glasgow Community Cycling Network. The network features Glasgow Bike Station, SoulRiders Scotland, Freewheel North, South West Community Cycles and Cycling UK. As well as bringing together expertise in delivery of cycling initiatives across Glasgow's diverse cultural and ethnic population, the groups target accessibility and gender issues ensuring a promotional message that cycling is for everyone.

Glasgow's ambitions to become a cycle friendly city  has begun through its "City Ways" programme with the opening of the West City Way and the South West City Way. The development of a "City Way" cycle network will provide infrastructure suitable for everyone of all levels of experience. Links to surrounding routes and destinations are provided by "Quiet Ways". These links typically consist of advisory cycle lanes on streets with low levels of traffic, making cycling enjoyable and the easiest, healthiest and most environmentally responsible way to get around.


Proximity to the city centre makes this project ideal to encourage sustainable and active travel via safe cycling facilities integrated with modern public transport hubs.

Initial engagement with residents, businesses and potential users has indicated great enthusiasm for the project. The proposed route will link healthcare, academic, social, leisure and cultural venues, Queen's Park Rail Station and bus stops to a main City Way with cycle parking at key destinations. 

The South City Way will be integrated with modern public transport hubs with improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

Walking and Cycling

This project will link to the recently completed South-West City Way connecting Glasgow's south side to the wider cycle network.

We are investigating the option of improving the streetscape of Gorbals Street.

This will highlight the importance of this busy residential and cultural centre and sustainable transport corridor.  Development of the route takes into account of key destinations such as parks, hospitals and medical centres, shopping, academic, leisure, cultural and religious establishments along and in proximity to the core route.

South City Way Small Grants Fund

Alongside creating a high quality walking and cycling route, a key element of the South City Way is encouraging more people to walk and cycle, and improve public spaces along the route. To achieve this, over £100,000 has been allocated to community groups in the project area for a wide range of projects.

These community group projects have been supported by the South City Way Small Grants Fund, ranging from cycle training to planters and murals. Organisations receiving grants of up to £5,000 include the local cycling charity Bike for Good and South Seeds, who have previously developed a community croft for the Govanhill area. Other funded projects have seen the creation of a new mural in the Queens's Park Arena, development of a new public space by residents of Albert Avenue and new additions to the successful City Mural Tour.

Several projects have focused on the challenges facing locals who want to cycle more often. Soul Riders is creating a new group to encourage women to start cycling regularly by hosting led rides, training and cycling events to encourage those who might not have tried cycling or might not be confident cyclists to give it a go. South Seeds are seeking to tackle bike storage issues common in tenements by installing new secure cycle lockers in the local area. Other projects include new facilities to secure bikes while in local businesses and a new mural to celebrate cycling.

Project update - Autumn / Winter 2021

Phase 4a junction of Gorbals Street, Cumberland Road, Pollokshaws Road, and Cathcart Road Update.

Works on the junction of Gorbals Street, Cumberland Road, Pollokshaws Road, and Cathcart Road was completed on 11th April 2021

The changes to the junction have made it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle and includes new pedestrian crossings on all arms of the junction, along with a dedicated cycle track that will connect with the section of South City Way on Gorbals Street when completed.

Phase 4b Gorbals Street

Construction of Phase 4b Gorbals Street from Cumberland Street to Victoria Bridge will commence on 15th November 2021 with a contract duration of 7 months and shall incorporate a bi-directional cycleway on the west side of Gorbals Street and Victoria Bridge.

Victoria Road Phase 3 Update:

Works on Victoria Road from Queens Park Station to Coplaw Street was completed in December 2020 with the cycleway opening in January 2021.

In July 2021 a high-visibility digital display counter was installed this will allow local residents and visitors to the city to see the total number of cyclists that have passed the counter on that day and over the course of the past year. The counter located at the Junction of Victoria Road and Calder Street Going South Bound is a fantastic way to encourage commuters, families and visitors to Glasgow to measure the impact of cycling in the local area.

Project update - Winter 2020/21  

After what has been an unprecedented year for everyone, construction work on the next phase of the South City Way commenced on Monday 23rd November 2020.  This next phase (4a) will focus on the junction of Gorbals Street, Cumberland Road, Pollokshaws Road, and Cathcart Road.  

The changes to the junction will make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle and include new pedestrian crossings on all arms of the junction, along with a dedicated cycle track that will connect the completed section of the South City Way with Gorbals Street. People walking and cycling will remain separated and the cycle track will continue to be completely separate from traffic. Until work begins on the Gorbals Street section of the South City Way (phase 4b), southbound cyclists will use the junction as they do now, joining the South City Way in a similar location as at present. Northbound cyclists will be able to directly access the temporary Spaces for people cycle lane on Gorbals Street.  In July the northbound bus gate was pre-installed as part of the Spaces for People work, so there will be no new changes to how vehicles use the junction, except the alteration of some kerb lines. 

You can see a plan of the new junction layout pdf icon here [2Mb].

Work on the junction is currently expected to be completed in early 2021, although this is subject to change. 

Victoria Road Update: 

Whilst work is getting underway on phase 4a, the remaining section of the South City Way on Victoria Road (phase 3) is nearing completion. This includes the first two 'protected junctions' to be constructed in Scotland at Allison Street and Calder Street. For more information, please visit the protected junctions webpage.  

Work on phase 3 is due to complete soon, and the cycle track should be fully open in January 2021. 

Project update - Autumn Winter 2019/2020


The South City Way project team have been busy working on the closing stages of the project over the last few months. One of the key milestones that has been reached is the completion of major construction works of phase 2 from Coplaw Street to Cumberland Street). With phase 3 (Queens Park Station to Coplaw Street construction set to be finished up in May 2020, this will complete the route from Queen's Park to Cumberland Street, a distance of nearly 2km. As part of phase 3, two new 'protected junctions' will be installed at Calder Street and Allison Street - you can find out more about these here.

Design work is also nearing completion for the stretch to take the SCW into the city centre.

Alongside this, a striking new local landmark has been installed in Laurieston, helping to encourage walking, cycling and wheeling. Titled 'Make Way', the public artwork is made up of four brightly coloured laser cut panels which change appearance as people walk, cycle or wheel along Pollokshaws Road. The artwork also includes a bespoke bike parking stand and was unveiled by pupils of Blackfriars Primary during November 2019.

It was created by New Practice, an architecture practice based in Glasgow, in partnership with New Gorbals Housing Association, Sustrans and Glasgow City Council. The artwork was part of a series of improvements locally, on unused land between Cavendish Street and Pollokshaws Road, which also included new grassed areas, spring flowering bulbs, two new trees and enhanced paved areas.

Project update - Spring 2019

Construction of phase 3 of the South City Way will stretch from April 2019 until May 2020.

Initially, the contractor will start with two live construction areas: the Queen's Park Station area and further north, near Kingarth Street. The site construction compound will be located on Cuthbertson Street, east of Victoria Road. Throughout the works, the street will remain open, and disruption will be kept to a minimum. Due to the nature of the improvements to the street, parking and loading is likely to be reduced on limited stretches while construction is underway.

Phase 3 will link phases 1 and 2 together, forming a completed route from Queen's Park to Cumberland Street. It includes the main shopping area on Victoria Road and extends to Cuthbertson Primary School. Construction will include new cycle tracks, footway resurfacing, and the creation of 5 new public spaces at existing closed off streets. Improvements will also be made to the pedestrian crossings along the street. These new developments will be similar in design to the already completed section of the South City Way at the Queen's Park end of Victoria Road. A new style of 'protected' cycling junction will be implemented as part of a street trial. These will be located at the Allison Street and Calder Street junctions on Victoria Road and will be supported by user surveys and routine monitoring.

Should you have any specific queries regarding the works, please do not hesitate to contact the project team. Phone: 0141 287 9171 or Email.

Artwork update:

A new piece of public art is proposed for Pollokshaws Road at Cavenish Street 'New Practice', formerly 'Pigeon Perfect' has been commissioned by Sustrans to advance design work for the artwork. During the winter and early spring, their artists visited several community events to enable local groups, such as residents associations and schools, to contribute their ideas to the early concepts for the artwork. An on-street engagement event was also held during April 2019 to enable local residents and passing cyclists and walkers to learn more about the project. The final artwork will be installed later in 2019. Meanwhile, at the same location, a wonderful splash of colourful flowers bloomed in the newly created green space. Many thanks to the South Seeds gardeners who were busy last autumn planting all the bulbs.

Project update - Summer 2018

Over the summer of 2018, the South City Way hit a series of key milestones. The completion of phase 1, from Queen's Park to Queen's Park Station, was celebrated. This latest addition to Glasgow's cycling infrastructure provides a fully segregated cycle track on both sides of Victoria Road, as well as significant public space improvements, including the creation of two new mini-plazas and resurfacing of the footway. Alongside this completion, work commenced on phase 2 of the route, from Cumberland Street to Coplaw Street and construction is now well underway, heading south from 5-ways junction on both sides of Pollokshaws Road.

Summer also saw South City Way's first ever Street Fest, celebrating active travel in Glasgow's South Side, supported by live music, Dr Bike, led rides, kids activities, plant giveaways and a lot more. The event coincided with Bike for Good's first birthday and the launch of the loyalty card scheme to support traders on Victoria Road. An additional launch was the South City Way Small Grants Fund, allowing local community groups to apply for up to £5,000 for projects that encourage people to walk or cycle, or improve the built environment. Applications for funding remain open until the end of 2018 and application forms can be downloaded from the Sustrans website - find out more here.

Phase 3 will link phases 1 and 2 together, thereby providing a continuous route from Queen's Park to Laurieston. A tendering process for this phase is being undertaken during the autumn, enabling a site start to be made within the first few weeks of 2019. Thereafter, the route will be extended towards the Clyde and into the City Centre. Feedback from previous consultation events during May 2018 is being incorporated into the design work and further consultation will be undertaken as part of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process. The TRO predominantly seeks to amend parking and loading restrictions and manage traffic along the way.

With the schools having returned after their summer break, Cuthbertson Primary has been given a new active travel leaflet, highlighting South City Way within the school catchment area. The leaflet is full of good advice and supports the activities of the Council's Bikeability officer and Sustrans' I Bike officer. A programme of cycling activities is now underway for the new academic year.

Lastly, our 12m banner on the M74 flyover will be refreshed in time for next spring. Ideas for eye catching themes or memorable slogans are welcome. Please email your thoughts to:

Project update - Spring 2018

During winter 2017/18 physical work commenced on phase one of the South City Way, between Queen's Park and Queens Park Railway Station. Focusing initially on establishing the new mini-plaza areas at Albert Avenue and Albert Road, the contractor has also constructed the terraced cycle track on the west side of Victoria Road. The terraced cycle track on the east side of Victoria Road is under construction, include a new 'floating' bus stop and modifications to the Queen's Drive/ Victoria Road junction are underway. New signals will then be installed.

The first of ten new trees has been planted with help from Glasgow based environmental charity, South Seeds. Lucy Gillie, general manager at South Seeds, said: "There is real regeneration happening along Victoria Road and the South City Way is undoubtedly is very much part of this. "Creating green space within the area will attract more people to this part of the city as well as enhance the space for current residents and the community." In addition to the new trees, the mini-plaza areas will host benches, bins and cycle parking racks.

Meanwhile, design work continues for the remaining phases of the project, with phase two (between Coplaw Street and Cumberland Street) undergoing a tendering exercise. Physical work for phase two is expected to start during the early summer months.

Project update - Winter 2017/18

On 4 December 2017, works commenced on Glasgow's multi million pound active travel project. Launched by the Minister for Transport and Islands, Humza Yousaf and Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction our contractor started physical work on the first phase of construction of South City Way. Creation of the mini-plaza areas at Albert Avenue and Albert Road is being undertaken first, along with installation of the cycle track and new footway surfacing between Queen's Park and Queens Park railway station. Work will extend into the spring of 2018.

During the autumn, our new 12 metre banner that spans Pollokshaws Road on the M74 flyover was received well by passers-by. As well as promoting the South City Way project, it draws attention to the short journey times when cycling or walking, advising that it only takes 12 minutes to cycle from Queen's Park to the City Centre and only 30 minutes on foot.

Project update - Spring 2017

During the winter, design work for South City Way progressed, enabling a site start to be made in March with some advance works. The works included provision of three 'floating' bus stops on Pollokshaws Road and Devon Street. These enhanced bus stops areas allow cyclists to safely pass any waiting buses, whilst passengers are getting on or off.

At the River Clyde, a new ramp has been constructed connecting Victoria Bridge to National Cycle Route 75. This is a very busy location, with high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists.

New cycle parking racks have been installed outside Govanhill Baths to satisfy the increasing use of the building as a community centre. Seven racks (14 spaces) have been installed by widening the footway, serving not just the community centre, but the adjacent shops as well. If you have your own suggestions for new cycle parking locations please email the South City Way project team at:

Proposed designs for the first phase of the Victoria Road, i.e. between Queen's Park and Queen's Park station are now available and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The project team attended the launch of Bike Station's new premises on Victoria Road and manned a stall to promote the route, distribute information on cycling and answer any questions. Discussions with traders along Victoria Road will continue during the next few months to maximise opportunities for Victoria Road to thrive commercially. Further discussions with community groups are planned over the next 6 months.

To help promote active and sustainable travel in the area, we are working with Sustrans and have appointed an I Bike officer. The I Bike officer is based with the council's road safety team and has already signed up four local schools for numerous cycling activities during the school's summer term. Additional schools will be supported during the autumn school term.

Local environmental charity South Seeds, has produced factsheets giving advice about cycle storage in tenements, showing a range of different solutions and how some simple DIY measures can help, such as hooks, racks or pulleys.

To assess how many cyclists currently use the South City Way corridor, base counts were carried out during March. These counts will be repeated at frequent intervals throughout the project. Our funding partner Sustrans, also held focus workshops with representatives from the local community, to assess current attitudes to active and sustainable travel.

Looking forward into the summer/ autumn months, design work will continue to advance, a permeability study of Govanhill will be undertaken, promotional activities will take place and details of the South City Way community grants scheme will be made available.

pdf icon South City Way Map [344kb]

pdf icon South City Way Executive Summary [1Mb]

pdf icon South City Way Artist Impressions [6Mb]

Construction section 1a: Queen's Park to Queen's Park Station

Construction section 1b: Queen's Park Station to Coplaw Street

Construction section 2: Coplaw Street to Cumberland Street

Construction section 3 and 4: Cumberland Street to Victoria Bridge

Construction section 4a: Cumberland Street/Gorbals Street

Construction section 5: Victoria Bridge to Trongate 

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