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School building surveys

Published Thursday 14 April 2016

Parents and carers have been reassured by the council that all Glasgow City Council schools will open as normal on Monday 18 April after the spring holidays.

This follows media reports this week on the school closures in Edinburgh relating to structural failures in some PPP built schools and involving the former construction company - Miller Construction.

The city's 30 secondary schools and one primary school - Knightswood Primary - were either built, refurbished or extended as part of a Council PPP (Public Private Partnership) funding project in 2002.

Only three of the schools - St Andrew's Secondary, Smithycroft Secondary and St Thomas Aquinas Secondary - were built by Miller Construction.

Glasgow's PPP contractor - 3Ed - contacted the council after the collapse of a wall in an Edinburgh school during the high winds in January this year to say that they wanted to carry out building surveys in the three schools built by Miller Construction as a precaution.

These surveys came back clear and with a reassurance that there was no cause for concern.

Subsequent building surveys have been carried out again in the same schools following the closure of the Edinburgh schools on Friday night, 8 April and when different defects came to light.

Building surveys

The council has now received a reassuring verbal report from our PPP contractor's structural engineer that confirms there is no structural defect or health and safety issue regarding the results of the surveys in the three schools built by Miller Construction.
Therefore, our schools will open as normal after the Spring break on Monday 18 April.

Published Thursday 14 April 2016

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