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Glasgow City Council

Scottish Parliament Elections 2016 Results

Constituency Glasgow Anniesland

Bill ButlerScottish Labour Party8,854 votes
Bill KiddScottish National Party (SNP)15,007
James DouglasSpeirs Scottish Liberal Democrats1,098
Adam TomkinsScottish Conservative and Unionist Party4,057

Turnout: 50.45%

Constituency Glasgow Cathcart

Margot ClarkScottish Liberal Democrats1,703 votes
Chris CreightonIndependent501
James DornanScottish National Party (SNP)16,200
Soryia SiddiqueScottish Labour Party6,810
Brian SmithScottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition909
Kyle ThorntonScottish Conservative and Unionist Party4,514



Constituency Glasgow Kelvin

Carole Louise FordScottish Liberal Democrats1,050 votes
Patrick HarvieScottish Green Party6,916
Sheila MechanScottish Conservative and Unionist Party3,346
Tom MuirheadIndependent198
Michael ShanksScottish Labour Party5,968
Sandra WhiteScottish National Party (SNP)10,964


Turnout: 45.91%

Constituency Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn

John AndersonScottish Conservative and Unionist Party2,305 votes
Bob DorisScottish National Party (SNP)13,109
Patricia FergusonScottish Labour Party7,507
James Wallace HarrisonScottish Liberal Democrats691

Turnout: 44.27%

Constituency Glasgow Pollok

Thomas HaddowScottish Conservative and Unionist Party2,653 votes
Johann LamontScottish Labour Party8,834
Ian LeechScottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition555
Isabel NelsonScottish Liberal Democrats585
Humza YousafScottish National Party (SNP)15,316


Turnout: 45.78%

Constituency Glasgow Provan

Thomas ColemanScottish Liberal Democrats518 votes
Paul MartinScottish Labour Party8,537
Ivan McKeeScottish National Party (SNP)13,140
Annie WellsScottish Conservative and Unionist Party2,062


Turnout: 43.17%

Constituency Glasgow Shettleston

Giovanni CaccavelloScottish Liberal Democrats568 votes
Jamie CocozzaScottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition583
Thomas KerrScottish Conservative and Unionist Party3,151
John MasonScottish National Party (SNP)14,198
Thomas RannachanScottish Labour Party6,875


Turnout: 43.96%

Constituency Glasgow Southside

Graham HutchisonScottish Conservative and Unionist Party3,100 votes
Kevin LewseyScottish Liberal Democrats822
Nicola SturgeonScottish National Party (SNP)15,287
Fariha Janet ThomasScottish Labour Party5,694


Turnout: 48.3%

Glasgow Region results

Anas Sarwar Scottish Labour Party

Johann Lamont Scottish Labour Party

Adam Tomkins Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Patrick Harvie Scottish Green Party

James Kelly Scottish Labour Party

Pauline McNeill Scottish Labour Party

Annie Wells Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

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