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Glasgow City Council

Positive report card for Glasgow's Psychological Services

Published 31st May 2016

Education Scotland in partnership with the council have published a very positive validated self-evaluation (VSE) report for Glasgow's psychological services.

The report, which involved an extensive number of staff from across Education Services, stakeholders and partners has identified a number of key strengths and outlined some priorities for improvement.

Key Strengths highlighted:

. Very effective partnership working

. The service is well positioned strategically to further develop strong partnership working

. Education psychologists provide expert knowledge and skills and communicate this well e.g. nurture, attachment, Solution Oriented Approaches

. Increased confidence in partners to apply concepts in day to day practice

. Partners report that interventions promoted by GPS are effective in promoting readiness to learn

. Glasgow Psychological Services is very effective in applying the principles of Implementation Science and has disseminated understanding to partners

. Glasgow Psychological Services is very good at impacting on whole systems

. Glasgow Psychological Services has a range of innovative practice from service delivery, interventions and developing the use of technology for data collection

. Glasgow Psychological Services is a progressive service that reflects on its practice and priorities and adjusts accordingly


Read the full report

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