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Fun in the sun for Govanhill pupils

Cllr siddique Jeely piece govanhill

The pupils from Holycross, St Bride's, Cuthbertson and Annette Street primaries took over Govanhill Park for sports, dancing and other activities.

And the summer fun is set to continue in Govanhill with the charity hosting play days twice a week during the school holidays, starting on June 28.

The Jeely Piece Club receives financial backing through Glasgow City Council's Integrated Grant Fund, which provides support for a wide range of community organisations and initiatives across the city.

The council's Executive Member for Citizens and Communities, Councillor Soryia Siddique said: "Govanhill is a very diverse area and it's great to see so many children having such a good time and playing so freely together. The Jeely Piece Club do a fantastic job at channelling the energy of our youngest Glaswegians, helping them to learn and play alongside one another.

"Going by all the smiling faces on show, the Jeely Piece Club's programme of activities in Govanhill Park is going to be a big hit with the local youngsters this summer.  Local parents will also welcome added resources being brought into the area to meet their aspirations for their children."

Grace Lamont, Head of Play at The Jeely Piece Club, said: "A lot of these children don't know how to play, but we took them up to our base in Castlemilk and they loved it. So it makes sense to put on activities for them in Govanhill.

"We've laid on all kinds of games and equipment but the kids are free to run about and anyone can see how happy they are.
"We are big believers in child-led play and so giving children the freedom to move about enables them to interact. It also helps them to get rid of that pent up energy that all kids have.

"We have found that with children from so many different backgrounds, that the biggest barrier is language.
"But play is an international language and playing together helps the kids to get along."


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