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Autumn/Winter Cycling

It may be getting darker earlier and colder, but you can still keep cycling by giving a bit of thought to the condition of the road.

Service your bike. Ensure your bike is in good condition by checking it over to make sure the tyres are properly inflated and brakes work. To help your bike cope with damp and gritted roads, clean your bike regularly and apply the correct lubricant to the chain and other parts where needed. If you have any concerns take your bike to a bike mechanic.

Be seen

With daylight fading, for your safety and to be legal, it's important to have good, reliable lights on your bike; white at the front and red at the rear. Make sure batteries have enough charge to be bright throughout your journey. Reflective bands on cycle clothing are highly effective for being seen under illumination from vehicle headlights. High contrast clothing is more likely to stand out from the background.

Stay warm and dry

A good lightweight waterproof with breathable materials will keep you dry. Also, a thin ski hat or tubular bandana under your helmet will help keep your head and ears warm. If you are going to be doing a lot of cycling in the rain, buy some waterproof overshoes to keep your feet warm and dry. Wear a pair of good quality gloves. A wide range are available including ones made of breathable waterproof materials.


Damp conditions will mean road surfaces will be slippery.

With the increased risk of skidding, we recommend you wear a cycling helmet in case of accidents.

Reduce your speed over surfaces that may be affected by the weather conditions. Be aware of ironwork on the road such as drain covers and manhole covers. These are extremely hazardous in damp conditions and you should avoid these when cornering.

It's ok to stop

Keep up to date with the weather forecast and don't feel guilty for not cycling on the days when the weather is severe. Prior warning of heavy rain, strong winds, snow and icy roads allow you to plan ahead.

For travel planning information for public transport visit the Traveline Scotland website.

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