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Richmond Park Design Brief

What is it?

The Oatlands Masterplan was agreed in 2003 and Bett (now Avant) Homes appointed with Committee approval. Rather than paying the Council an acquisition lump sum or a licence fee for the redevelopment of Oatlands an extensive list of Developer's obligations were agreed upon, estimated at £22m.

Probably the most important developer obligation is the £2m improvement works to Richmond Park whereby the park is remodelled and upgraded in return for part of it being given over for private housing.  House building (1,400 units) started in 2005 and is estimated to finish in 2022.

Progess of Works

The western third of the park has already been built on with flats for sale. It is planned to improve the quality of the park and its ponds and through works carried out in three zones. The first zone is nearly complete.

This brief covers what is to be done in the next two zones:

  • 126 high quality flats planned to overlook the Clyde which will be left to the end of the regeneration in the expectation that they will realise a high sales income and
  • a pub/restaurant and new premises for the Richmond Model Boat Club and the Football team.
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