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City gears up for European Cycle Challenge

Published 27/4/17

European Cycling Challenge 2017

Glasgow and its neighbouring local authorities are taking part in the European Cycling Challenge throughout May.   

The aim of the challenge is to encourage people from all over Europe to compete for a prestigious cycling prize won by the city which "rides" the longest total distance.

Participants log their cycle journeys via a Smart phone app (Naviki Available from app stores and on the web as

Last year Glasgow took part in the European Cycle Challenge for the first time. The city came 18th with 72,000 km logged within Glasgow boundaries, however, in total its participants logged an impressive 127,750km.

This year the boundary has changed and includes all neighbouring local authorities across the Clyde Valley. This means anyone living or commuting within the boundary can participate in the challenge, whether cycling for work, to classes or leisure.  

The local authorities include East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.  The NHS and Police Scotland are also part of team Glasgow City Region (our team name in the challenge).

On Thursday (27 April), local cyclists and cycling reps from the different local authorities came together to show their support for Team Glasgow City Region.

Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure Services at Glasgow City Council's Land and Environmental Services (LES), is a keen cyclist and will take part in the challenge, said: "We really want to see more people sign up to the challenge.  The number of people cycling in and out of the city has increased significantly.  

"Glasgow knows only too well the huge health benefits from active travel as well as the environmental advantages for the city. I know I'll be taking part in the challenge and hope others will join the Glasgow City Region team and help us win the European Cycle Challenge.

"The competition also allows us to see where people are cycling, what junctions, roads and routes are favoured by cyclists and will be a great help in terms of the investment in cycle routes across the city."

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage all types of commuter, leisure and utility cycling.  By taking part, cyclists can show where they cycle and ultimately help influence where cycle routes are built.

By joining the Glasgow City Region team, you can make every cycling mile count towards the city's place on the European leader board.

With over 120 fantastic prizes and weekly prize draws for those that participate, there's no shortage of incentive to take part. And you'll get fitter as you do!

If you don't have a bike but you want to help Glasgow City Region get fit and healthy and win the European Cycle Challenge, then you can always use the city's Mass Automated Cycle Hire (MACH) scheme. There are 43 city-wide bike stands across the city. The scheme is run by Next Bike  

For further information on the European Cycle Challenge and to register please visit and

Funding for the event is from the Scottish Government's Smarter Choices, Smarter Places campaign.

Published 27/4/17

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