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Glasgow City Council

Glasgow a Top 10 city in the fDi Global Cities of the Future rankings

Glasgow has received recognition in the face of competition from across the world for its achievements in attracting business and investment in the latest fDi Global Cities of the Future rankings.


Glasgow ranked in global Top 10 for business and investment


The city is now ranked ninth overall in the Large City category, in a Top 10 that features Seattle, Frankfurt and Dublin.


Glasgow ranks highest in the Business-Friendly category, the third-highest behind Dublin and Copenhagen.


The city also does well in the Human Capital and Lifestyle category, coming fourth behind Copenhagen, Helsinki and Vancouver.


Another category where Glasgow makes the Top 10 is in Connectivity - ranking sixth with cities such as Dusseldorf and Antwerp performing best.


The fDi rankings follow last's report by globally-renowned expert on urbanism Greg Clark, published at the State of the City Economy conference in Glasgow, which showed the city performing very well in terms of attracting business and investment, and particularly well in innovation and the lifestyle on offer.


Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "Glasgow works tirelessly to bring investment, new jobs and new homes to Glasgow; to innovate and to create the industries of the future; to grow our population, our tax base and our city and regional economies. We know that we have a story to tell and increasingly our story is being heard around the world.

"This recognition of our endeavours within the fDi's Global City of The Future index is a further testimony to the success of our efforts. And I'm tremendously proud of the peer cities Glasgow is keeping company with. These global cities are our comparators and our competitors.

"We want to create a city that is more vibrant, more liveable, more sustainable, healthier and more equitable; a city where the quality of life of every citizen is our abiding concern. We have a challenge now that our brand, our story, our successes reach a wider international audience - but it's a challenge we will be proud to take on."


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