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Independent public hearings on match day parking plans to be held

Published: December 20, 2018

Updated information on Independent public hearings - 18 April 2019

Following the announcement today that the reporter who was to oversee the independent public hearings has resigned, the council is to consult with the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals to discuss the next steps.

Council spokeswoman said: "The Reporter allocated to the independent hearings for the proposed parking schemes in the vicinity of both Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium has notified the Council that they've withdrawn from this role. The Reporter has cited personal reasons for doing so. The council will now consult with the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals DPEA - who identified the previous Reporter for the independent hearings - to discuss a way forward."  

Independent public hearings on plans to introduce event day parking zones at Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium are to be held after sustainable objections were made against these proposals.

The proposals for parking restrictions around both stadia followed regular complaints from local residents and elected members about obstructive parking that routinely blocks footways, pedestrian crossings, private driveways and causes safety issues at junctions.

Under the relevant traffic regulations, independent public hearings are a mandatory requirement following the receipt of objections, in both cases, that relate to the potential impact of the proposed restrictions on emergency routes to the stadia.

The emergency routes, which provide direct access to the stadia for the emergency services, are currently traffic coned on match days, but this does not always facilitate effective enforcement against vehicles that are inappropriately parked.

The proposals for areas around both stadia include the introduction of permanent signs and road markings that would allow for more effective parking enforcement on match days.

The process for the independent public hearings follows a statutory consultation in relation to both stadia earlier this year, which led to detailed plans being published for wider consideration and further comment.

This has resulted in 1568 objections and 103 notices of support being received in respect of the proposals for Ibrox Stadium; 1190 objections and 15 notices of support were received in respect of the proposals for Celtic Park.

To ensure the relevant regulations are followed, Glasgow City Council has written to the Scottish Government to ask that an independent Reporter be provided to manage appropriate hearings in respect of the proposals for both stadia.

Dates and venues have still to be set for the respective hearings and the procedures for those hearings will determined by the independent Reporter.

All objectors will be notified of the request for a public hearing in relation to the proposals they are concerned about and have until January 23 to lodge their intention to be heard at the relevant hearing.

Other issues raised during the public consultation included public transport provision, the effect on supporters with health or mobility issues who do not have Blue Badge dispensation among other issues.

The relevant regulations being followed during this process are the "Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure)(Scotland) Regulations 1999".

Published: December 20, 2018

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