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Glasgow City Council

Tents on George Square

Published 28/3/19

Protestors camped in George Square have been officially asked to leave after repeatedly rejecting offers of help to find accommodation and free hot food.


A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: "Continual offers of help to find accommodation and access free, hot food and other support have been repeatedly rejected by the protestors and, despite our best efforts, constructive dialogue with our homelessness teams has broken down.

"Several of the protestors are not homeless, but our offers of help to anyone who is, remain.

"Unfortunately, if the individuals involved do not need, or want our help, we have no option but to formally ask those occupying George Square to leave.

"We fully respect their right to protest, but must also seek to ensure George Square is available for use by everyone.

"If the protestors refuse to leave of their own volition, we'll have no choice but to begin legal proceedings to evict them. But we hope anyone who needs help accepts the genuine offers made. Help is available - no one need camp out."


Published 28/3/19

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