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School Car Free Zones

Many schools across the city experience a number of traffic related issues at the beginning and end of each school day.

We have introduced the 'School Car Free Zone' pilot project which aims to address such issues by limiting traffic in the streets surrounding schools at key times, creating a predominantly car free zone.

We are aiming to create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone around schools. 

The scheme will promote active travel to school by walking and cycling, which in turn, will help to reduce congestion and pollution in the area.

The anticipated benefits of the scheme include: 

  • An increase in walking and cycling and active lifestyles for pupils and parents/carers
  • A reduction in traffic speed, congestion and pollution around the school gates which will aid children and parents when accessing school
  • Improvements in levels of childhood obesity
  • Provide a tool to allow the Council to proactively respond to parking related concerns raised by parents and residents

Where is it happening?

Phase 1 of the project was introduced in August 2019 at the schools listed below:

Phase 2 went live on 19 October 2020 at the schools listed below:

Phase 3 will go live on 16 August 2021.

The restrictions will mean that most vehicles, including those driven by parents and carers at these schools will not be able to drive into the roads covered by the restrictions to drop off or pick up children during the periods that the restriction is in force. 

There will however be a number of exemptions to the restriction that will permit certain traffic to use the roads during the period that the restriction is in force. Phase 1 of the scheme was introduced in August 2019 and is now permanent and Phase 2 went live on 19 October 2020 and will run for an initial period of up to 18 months.

Access any of the links below to find out further information on the scheme: 

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