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Participatory Budgeting Framework

In the 2019 budget, £150K has been allocated to Glasgow's open space and agreed to be spent using a Participatory Budgeting Framework through the Glasgow Friends of Parks Forum. The council and COSLA are supporting the Forum through this process by delivering some initial information workshops.

Wee Green Grant

We would like to invite you to apply for a Wee Green Grant to support projects which will ensure all communities can access, enjoy and celebrate their Parks, Greenspace and Open Space.

These Wee Green Grants aim to support securing the future of these spaces and to encourage all communities to proactively connect and share information.

You can apply for anything between £500 and £5000, and we only ask for it to respond to two themes, and to have some lasting effect. You must make this application as a 'Friends of' group, or in partnership with one.

All valid applications will be uploaded to a portal and the public will be invited to select their three favourite projects. The vote will be open to all Glasgow residents and any other interested individuals.

The fund will be allocated to the winning projects in descending order of votes until the wee green grant fund money is all distributed. The unsuccessful applicants will be offered support from the Glasgow Parks Forum and Glasgow City Council.

To apply for this grant please visit the Wee Green Grant website.

Workshop 1

An Introduction to Participatory Budgeting took place on Thursday 30 May, in the Tontine building, Glasgow with presentations around 'Introduction to PB and examples of previous Glasgow projects', an example of the PB Timeline and Decision making' and a group session called 'Rose Bud Thorn' - discussing thoughts around the positives, the challenges and the opportunities going forward with the PB framework.

Please see below the videos from the workshop presentations, participant feedback from the Overall Evaluation, the 'Rose Bud Thorn' session and comments from other break out optional activities where participants had the chance to prioritise and suggest 'themes' around parks, greenspace and open space.

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 content is in response to the feedback and results of workshop 1 and is covering subjects what the Forum is, how we think about sustainable and inclusive participation in parks, greenspace and open space.

Workshop 2 took place on Wednesday 12 June.

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 poster

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