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Glasgow City Council

Record amount of funding to be allocated by Council for affordable homes in Glasgow

A Glasgow City Council committee today (13 June) was told that the city has a budget of over £104million - the highest-ever figure - for its 2019/20 Affordable Housing Supply Programme (AHSP). This funding will help deliver over 3,500 affordable homes in Glasgow over the next two years.


Record amount of funding for affordable homes in Glasgow


The committee also approved the building of new affordable homes through this programme.


The figure of £104.44million for the AHSP covers funding not only for the continuation of ongoing projects and the beginning of new projects, but also for medical adaptation to homes in Glasgow, allowing tenants to remain in their own homes.


In terms of numbers, there are 1325 homes in ongoing projects, with some of the biggest developments in Govan, Dalmarnock, and Govanhill, and 2094 homes in new projects, with the biggest developments in Calton, Hamiltonhill, and the former Victoria Hospital site. A further 106 affordable homes are being built in East Balornock through the LSVT programme for housing associations who acquired former Scottish Homes' estates.


The AHSP is guided by Glasgow's Housing Strategy and the city's Strategic Housing Investment Plan.


The increase in investment is reflected in a number of ways, including a 79% increase in new and improved homes compared to the previous year.


Councillor Kenny McLean, City Convener for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm at Glasgow City Council, said: "The record levels of funding that we are allocating allows thousands of new affordable homes to be built all over Glasgow - this is fantastic for the city as key to everyone's quality of life and health is a good standard of housing. There is of course an additional economic boost to the city with jobs created through this level of housebuilding, and we look forward to working with our partners to bring these high-quality, energy-efficient homes for people and families in the future."


The increases in funding for affordable homes in Glasgow will allow the city to contribute to the Scottish Government's More Homes target of 50,000 new affordable (35,000 for social rent) homes by 2021. The Scottish Government has indicated the AHSP budget for 2020/21 in Glasgow will increase further, to over £110million.

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