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South Central Local Development Framework

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The City Development Plan proposes Local Development Frameworks (LDF) to inform development at a local level for areas of the city where it is recognised that an additional layer of planning intervention is needed. South Central Glasgow is one of the three areas identified for the preparation of Local Development Frameworks by the City Development Plan.

The LDF for South Central Glasgow identifies key issues and opportunities in the area and sets the vision and framework for future development, in line with the spatial policies of the City Development Plan.


South Central Local Development Framework Map

South Central Local Development Framework Map


The Public Consultation for South Central LDF is now live and open to the general public. We would welcome your views on the LDF in its current draft and encourage everyone to take part in this survey before the deadline, which is set for Monday 31 October 2022

To take part click on the Survey, the survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The draft document for South Central LDF and supporting documents, including summaries of previous consultations can be assessed from the "Related documents" column on the right. You are encouraged to read the draft LDF before taking this survey.


South Central Local Development Framework is currently being developed and is open for Public Consultation.

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