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Create a personal hotspot on your mobile phone

As part of our Technology Refresh Programme the number of 4G contracts we use will be reduced. If you already have a 4G connection on a device and a council iPhone then your new laptop will have a wifi connection only, you can still use a 4G connection by creating a personal hotspot on your phone.

If you are in a council office you should always connect to the network via a cable. If you are out of the office you should use WI-FI wherever possible. You should only use tethering to your mobile phone when no other connectivity options are available. The priority should be:

1. Corporate - Wired to the network (by Ethernet cable)
2. Corporate WiFi
3. Home Broadband
4. Guest WiFi
5. Tethering.

You should follow the pdf icon guidance to create a personal hotspot [331kb] 'tether' using your council iPhone

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