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Community Benefits Supplier Recognition Page

This page celebrates the incredible contributions made by our suppliers around Community Benefits.

Through tackling inequalities by focusing on priority groups our suppliers have provided employment, skills and training, supported local businesses (including SMEs and Social Enterprises) and supported our local community groups both financially and non-financially. 

We salute you!  

"Community benefits are an aspect of many of our contracts that are used to improve services, facilities and employability at a local level. Those organisation who deliver these benefits play an important role in our aspirations to build community wealth, deliver on our climate targets, support local organisations and empower communities across the city.

It is important that we recognise those companies delivering these benefits and promote the virtues of this partnership work that can result in tangible improvements on the ground in our neighbourhoods."

Councillor Ruairi Kelly


In the Spotlight


Silver Award  

Platinum Award

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Gold Award  

Gold Award

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Silver Award  

Silver Award

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Green Voluntary Certificate  

Voluntary Certificates

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