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Staff iPhones - important information and support on key changes

All council iPhones are due to have their device management software updated over the next few weeks.  Device management is key to helping us effectively manage the corporate data on our council mobile devices to help keep it secure.

All council iPhones will change from using Airwatch to using Microsoft Intune.  This brings the benefit of moving staff email accounts across to Microsoft Outlook meaning all contacts, calendar and inbox settings are all in the one easy to access place.

This key change will require all council iPhone users to take some actions before, during and after the change over.

Staff will be kept informed of their change over date so that they know what is happening and what they need to do.

The following support guides will help you through this change:

Staff briefing

This provides key information on what is due to change and what you need to do. It links to all the support material available.

How to enrol into Intune

This provides a step by step guide with screenshots on how to enrol into Intune and also how to access your contacts and set up notifications on your iPhone when you receive emails.

Transferring photos

This provides key informaiton on how to save photos from iPhones 7 and above into the correct format when transferring to a pc

Setting your profile photo in Outlook

This provides key information on how to set your profile photo in Outlook to comply with core guidelines

Updating your iPhone iOS software

This provides key information on how to check and regularly update your iPhone software to keep it safe and working properly.


If you have any issues during or after the enrolement into Intune process you should complete this issues log and email it to   The project team will support you in the first instance. Please do not contact CGI.

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