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Our City, Our Learning, Our Future - education's vision and values

Our city, our learning and our future

Education Services has published a new vision and values document that sets out the key commitments to complement the learning and teaching in our schools.

The document - All Learners, All Achieving - highlights how we will deliver our key purpose which is delivering high-quality education for all and  challenges linked to the Council's strategic plan - Strategic Plan.

It also follows on from previous work linked to 'Glasgow's Framework for Wellbeing and Learning'.

Douglas Hutchison, Executive Director of Education has said in the introduction that everyone has a key role to play in delivering for Glasgow's children and young people.

Vision and Values - All Learners, All Achieving

"Plans are not meant to sit on a shelf gathering dust but are meant to give direction to what we all do every day. To drive what we do; the plan needs to be simple with clear messages about what matters to all of us.

"When we are clear about our purpose and the values we try to live by, then what Fullan calls deep moral purpose emerges.

"This document sets out our future purpose which is delivering inclusive high-quality education for all.

"Allis a small word but carries a big load - all learners matter regardless of their race, gender, disability, or family circumstances.

"In 2007 the OECD said that 'who you are in Scotland is far more important than what school you attend' (OECD, 2007, p.18) and one of the principal determinants of who you are is socio economic status. In this sentence the OECD sums up the challenge facing education systems across the globe. Our aim is to make Glasgow a world class learning city built on the principles of nurture.

"We have already come a long way on the journey towards becoming a nurturing city and our values of compassion, ambition, trust and equity will guide us as we continue the journey.

"The values are what we aspire to and what we hold ourselves accountable to, but they are not exclusive. The document sets out at a high level the challenges we are addressing through the plan. They are sufficiently high level to ensure flexibility at school level but are specific enough to ensure we don't drift.

"Our children and young people will compete for jobs and places at college or university with every other young person in Scotland, so it matters that they leave school qualified and well prepared for the next stage on their journey.

"Achievement and progress for our children and young people matter and will be key to the City of Glasgow thriving as a world class learning city. Our plan is aimed at helping us deliver for all our children and young people and I am very grateful to everyone who will contribute to their success and the future success of our city.

Douglas Hutchison, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council


All Learners, All Achieving


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