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Scotland Loves Local - Glasgow Gift Card

About the Scotland Loves Local - Glasgow Gift Card

Glasgow City Council has now approved the distribution of Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards worth £105 to around 85,000 households in the city.

These cards can be used in registered businesses in Glasgow, with more than 650 businesses of all sizes registered across the city already.

The Scotland Loves Local campaign looks to encourage people in Scotland to think local first and support businesses on their local high streets. The Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card can be seen as a local currency - allowing people to spend their Gift Cards in their favourite local businesses, or on household essentials, in a way that keeps spending local for longer, benefitting the local economy in the process.

We will begin issuing the gift cards mid-August.

Eligible Households

  • Each household in receipt of Council Tax Reduction as of 1st June 2022 is eligible for a gift card to the value of £105
  • The gift card will be sent to the named council tax account holder


  • Those households in receipt of discount or exemption are not eligible if they do not receive Council Tax reduction in addition to this.
  • Those households who apply for and receive Council Tax Reduction on or after 2nd June 2022 are not eligible.

Activation Process

  • Eligible householders will receive their card automatically, you do not need to contact us to request your gift card
  • A letter will be sent with your gift card along with details on how to activate it

Where and how to spend

  • You have 3 months to activate your gift card. Once activated, your gift card will be valid for a period of 12 months
  • Once activated, you can use your card like any other gift card, but only in businesses that are registered to accept them
  • The value of the card can be spent over multiple shops
  • Scotland Loves Local Glasgow-branded gift cards can only be spent in the Glasgow City Council region
  • A list of registered businesses in Glasgow can be found here 

Our Contact Details

Our contact channels will go live, mid-August 2022, when the Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift cards are issued.

How to Register your Business

The Scotland Loves Local - Glasgow Gift cards can only be used in registered businesses.

  • Businesses need to have a MasterCard terminal
  • Businesses must have premises in Glasgow

To ensure your business doesn't miss out you can register here 

You can find out more by clicking on the FAQs Merchants link in the Related Links section

For more information on Scotland Loves Local please click on the logo below

Scotland loves local

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