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Employee Assistance Programme

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What is Employee Assistance? 

Your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a free and confidential health and wellbeing support resource. This personal support service is provided by PAM Assist, and is available to you 24 hours a day, any day of the year by phone, email, or via the PAM Assist Portal or App. 


PAM Assist are dedicated to supporting your wellbeing needs. You can contact PAM Assist for any personal, work or health concerns you have. PAM Assist EAP provides information, signposting and guidance on:

  • Legal matters, such as consumer rights, property, landlord/tenant, family and motoring law
  • Money matters, including managing creditors, budgeting and debt management plans
  • Health and wellbeing information on lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, sleep, health, and medical concerns

Click here to see more of the services and support that PAM Assist offer.

Services offered by PAM Assist are confidential and the content of discussions will never be shared with anyone. PAM Assist adhere to the strictest standards of data protection, and counsellors are bound by BACP guidelines to protect confidentiality. PAM Assist will never share that you've made contact or provide details of your discussion without your consent. 


Guidance for Managers

PAM Assist is available for all staff, and can be a particularly useful resource for Managers. PAM Assist offer services to help managers address issues effecting the wellbeing of support them more effectively. You can find out more about guidance and resources for managers, here.

Further information

Click here for additional information and resources, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and details on how to get started using the PAM Assist App. 



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