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Glasgow welcomes new celebration of cycling mural for 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

The east end of George Street in the city centre has some added colour thanks to a vibrant new 250m mural that's been custom-made as part of Glasgow's preparations for hosting the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.


Latest city centre inspired by UCIs


The mural, commissioned by the city, is inspired by retro cycling jerseys, 90s kids' bikes and the legendary 'Old Faithful' bike owned by Scotland's own racing champion, Graeme Obree.


Capturing the spirit of nostalgia and the thrill of cycling, the mural painted by artists from SWG3's Yardworks project uses bold colours and dynamic patterns to bring the design to life, with the intention of capturing the rich history and passion of the sport.


Spread across some 250m along the rear of a car park, the design beckons cyclists and enthusiasts to pedal the length of the mural, fostering an appreciation for the timeless joy and sense of freedom that cycling brings.


The city's brief for the mural looked to represent Glasgow in its style; bold, gallus, friendly and vibrant as well as reflect the cycling events that are due to pass by its location. George Street forms part of the city centre circuit for the road world championships.


It also wraps around the building from George Street onto Montrose Street, the most challenging part of the circuit, with the steep incline testing participants' endurance and stamina.


This section incorporates design elements that honour Scottish mountain bike rider, Rab Wardell, who tragically died last year just days after competing at, and winning, the Scottish MTB XC Championships.


Through collaboration with Rab's family, his name is used on this section of mural with an image of a mountain bike, as a nod to a famous wheelie he once did on the infamous Montrose Street.


Councillor Ruairi Kelly, Convener for Neighbourhood Services and Assets at Glasgow City Council, said: "The new mural on George Street - inspired by the forthcoming 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships - is a fantastic addition to Glasgow's City Centre Mural Trail.


"Like the other murals on the trail, the new piece brings new life to this site, with a striking design and bright colours that will look great to spectators watching the championships over the next couple of weeks, and for everyone passing this part of the city centre in the years to come."


Laura Frood, Yardworks GRID Programme Manager, said; "We were delighted to work on such an interesting brief and site in the city centre. Yardworks' ethos is to develop the skills of our homegrown talent and to have been able to support some of Glasgow's emerging artists to deliver this mural for such a high-profile event is a proud moment."


Following the Championships, the mural will also become an excellent addition to the council's established, and popular, City Centre Mural Trail.


In Glasgow, street murals are helping to rejuvenate streets and revitalise buildings and vacant sites that look a bit tired, reincarnating them as beautiful pieces of public street art.


The first artwork was produced in 2008 and this portfolio of completed works has expanded since.


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