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Consultation offers chance to help shape Glasgow's City Development Plan

A consultation is now open on Glasgow's Development Plan Scheme, which provides key information to communities and stakeholders in the city regarding how they can get involved shaping the next Development Plan, City Development Plan 2.


Consultation offers chance to help shape Glasgow's City Development Plan


To help this engagement, a 'storymap' has been created that forms the basis for future communication and interaction with the plan process.


Before drafting the next City Development Plan the council will be undertaking a range of early engagement activities which will engage the public in a number of ways, including the use of surveys and interactive activities online or in-person events.


More information on the early engagement is found in the Development Plan Scheme and the survey at the end of the document.


The survey is also separately available at this link.  This tells people who are looking to get involved how they can do so as well as asking for feedback on how people would like to engage with all stages of preparing the draft Plan.


The results of the survey will be considered by the council with the engagement strategy updated accordingly.


The survey will be open until 27 September.


Councillor Kenny McLean, Convener for Development and Land Use at Glasgow City Council, said: "The City Development Plan provides the vision for how land should be used in Glasgow, so this consultation provides the opportunity for anyone interesting in helping shape that future development to do so."


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