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River Clyde Development Corridor Strategic Development Framework

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The Glasgow City Development Plan identifies six areas within the City that require a Strategic Development Framework (SDF) in order to coordinate development activity over the short, medium and long term. The River Clyde Development Corridor is one of the six areas identified.

The SDF for River Clyde Development Corridor sets out:

  • Vision for the area to become a vibrant, inclusive, liveable and well-connected place.
  • Spatial Design Strategy which sets out guidance to support planning initiatives and projects, inform the design of proposals, and assist in the determination of planning applications.
  • An Action Programme to progress planning initiatives.


The Council adopted the River Clyde Strategic Development Framework as Supplementary Guidance to the City Development Plan in February 2020.

The full adopted version of the River Clyde SDF (February 2020) can be accessed here and a summary is available here.

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