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Carers Information and Support line


  • Phone 0141 353 6504

What is a carer?

A carer is a person who looks after a partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without help because of an illness (including mental illness), addiction, frailty or disability. They may or may not live together.

I'm a carer - what help can I get?

Across Glasgow there are a range of services available to support carers in their caring role.  Services include:

  • Information and Advice on
    • how to access services
    • help with the process of being assessed as a carer
    • medical conditions affecting the person who is being cared for
  • Emotional Support - Staff will offer you support
    • through one to one contact
    • by helping you to access a support group to enable you to meet other carers in a relaxed environment
    • by referring you to a specialist support service if required
  • Money Matters - you can get help with
    • arranging a full check on benefit entitlement including assistance with form filling
    • completion of forms for grants or allowances
    • signposting you to organisations which provide support for tribunals and/or debt advice
  • Training
    • ‚ÄčA programme of training is available to carers in Glasgow on a variety of topics which can support you in your caring role or to assist you to maintain your health and well-being
  • Short Breaks
    • direct support can be offered to you by providing care workers from appropriate agencies to enable you to attend meetings, training, personal appointments or special events

To access any of these services you need to have been assessed as a carer - if you think you are a carer then complete our word icon Carers Self Assessment form [174kb]. If you have already been assessed as a carer then contact your local carers centre to discuss training opportunities.

Where can I find local supports?

You can contact the Carers information and support line - 0141 353 6504 - for information on help / support available in your local area. If you think you are a carer you can complete a word icon Carers Self Assessment form [174kb].

You can also contact the following social work teams for advice:

Glasgow North East Carers Support Team
Glasgow City Council Social Work Services
28-30 Adamswell Street, Glasgow G21 4DD
Phone 0141 276 4710

Glasgow North West Carers Support Team
Glasgow City Council Social Work Services
35 Church Street, Partick, Glasgow G11 5JT
Phone 0141 276 1066

Glasgow South Carers Support Team
Glasgow City Council Social Work Services
130 Langton Road, Pollok, Glasgow G53 5DP
Phone 0141 276 2904

Is this information available in other languages?

Yes, this information is also available in:

We also have a:

What is a Short Breaks Statement?

Our pdf icon Short Breaks Statement [581kb] is now available.

A pdf icon Short Breaks Statement [581kb] is intended to help carers and those they help care for, as well as social workers and carer support staff, to be better informed about the assistance available to help carers and their families to achieve a break from caring.

This pdf icon Short Breaks Statement [581kb] seeks to provide information about Glasgow's approach to short breaks for carers and how they can be accessed.

Consultation on Carers Strategy and Young Carers Strategy

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership are committed to delivering the best outcome for unpaid carers and the person they care for. We have developed a

which sets out our vision for Carers / Young Carers.

Carers have been involved over the last number of years in shaping these services to ensure that what is being provided is what carers need.  We are looking for your views on our draft strategies and you can complete the online form(s) as below:

The consultation will close on Friday 22 March 2019.

Consultation on Eligibility Criteria for Carers Services

Following the consultation, a report was prepared and submitted, along with the proposed Eligibility Criteria, to the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board on 24 January 2018.  The report and Eligibility Criteria were approved at this meeting.



Contact Carers Team

Carers Information and Support line


  • Phone 0141 353 6504

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