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Request a bin

Request a bin

New Collection Service

Starting in March 2024, within the North West of the city, a new recycling collection service will be introduced on a phased basis to all kerbside properties (residents in houses who present bins to the pavement).  An additional recycling bin will be provided, increasing the capacity available for recycling and further information on this service change will be posted on the website shortly.

In addition, two new policies will be introduced to support our recycling services, addressing contamination (the wrong material placed in recycling bins) and bin provision.  The latter policy will introduce a one green bin collection policy.  Only one green general waste bin will be collected every 3 weeks.  If residents present additional green bins, these will not be serviced.

Residents should consider this service change and new policies before applying for additional bins. 

Service update:

We are currently experiencing delays with the delivery of replacement bins across the city. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Last updated: Friday 1 September at 10.30

Households can request a domestic bin online.

Eligibility for bins depend on the type of property you reside in. Consequently, we will tell you on the form whether any selected bin is appropriate at your property, though you can find out more about bin eligibility on this page, prior to making a request.

Please note: We will aim to deliver a bin within 28 days of your request. However, due to current high demand, bin deliveries are taking around 8 weeks to deliver.  We will update this page if this changes. 

How do I buy a green bin?

If you require a green bin, e.g. a new build property or require a replacement due to 'wear and tear', theft or fire damage to the bin, you can purchase one online at a cost of £57.80, subject to eligibility.

If you live in a flatted property or a house, managed by a factor or a housing association, you must contact them directly, if you require a green bin.

Can I request a larger or an additional green bin?

If you live in a main door house and require additional waste capacity, you can request a larger green bin (360 litre), subject to eligibility criteria.  If your request is granted, your current green bin (240 litre) will be removed on delivery of your larger bin.

Eligibility for larger green bins will be assessed on whether:   

  • There are five or more permanent residents in the household.
  • Non-recyclable healthcare waste is generated in the household.
  • Two or more children aged three or under, in disposable nappies, reside in your household.

You provide this information using our online form

Can I request a recycling bin?

You can request recycling bins using our online form.

Households that are flats/tenements/multi-storey properties will have recycling bins for:

  • Blue bin for recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and food and drink cans.
  • Grey bin for the collection of food waste. 

Typically, four blue bins are provided to a close encompassing 8 flats.  However, the type and size of bins within these property types may differ due to access and space requirements.

If a bin has been lost, stolen or damaged, or you require additional recycling capacity, you can make a request online

Main door households should have a recycling bin for:

  • Blue bin for recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and food and drink cans.
  • Brown bin for the collection of garden and food waste. 
  • Purple binfor the collection of glass bottles and jars.

If a bin has been lost, stolen or damaged, or you require additional recycling capacity, you can make a request online

For further guidance on recycling, the following links provide more information on household waste recycling centres and the network of public collection points for recycling. 

How do I cancel my request?

You can cancel your request online, logging into the myGlasgow portal

Please note: If you have made a payment, we will refund you within 14 days of when your request is cancelled.

What is myaccount?

To access the form, you can login via myaccount.  This will allow you to create and track your request.  myaccount gives customers the ability to set up an online account using a single username and password to access a wide range of online public services including some provided by Glasgow City Council.  

Read more about myaccount here.

Eligibility Criteria

You can find out whether you are eligible for are bin pdf icon here [83kb].


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