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Education Maintenance Allowance


What is it?


An Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a weekly allowance payable to eligible students who have achieved 100% of their agreed attendance each week at school. It is payable on a 2 weekly basis


Do I qualify for an EMA?

You qualify if you meet the following criteria

  • Household income must be what is detailed under the heading 'What will I get'(see below)
  • You attend a Glasgow School
  • You aged 16-19 years old
  • You attend school for a minimum of 21 guided learning hours per week
  • You are willing to participate in an approved learning agreement at school

What will I get?

Household Income

No. of dependent children in household


£0 - £24,421



£0 - £26,884



How do I apply for an EMA?

Sign up for a MyAccount and use the Online Application Form. Online is more efficient allowing us to validate your application and pay your EMA quicker If you do not have online access then contact the team at

Please allow 4 weeks for your application to be processed before making contact with the team.

What is myaccount

Myaccount gives you the ability to set up an online account using a single user name and password to access a range of online public services including some Glasgow City Council services. Read more about myaccount.

Withheld Payment

Payments are generally withheld due to unauthorised attendance, lack of progress and/or conduct.  If you have a question about attendance you must contact your school directly.


If you are refused EMA support or feel the amount awarded is incorrect, you may appeal our decision.

Your appeal must be submitted in writing within 28 days of us informing you of the outcome of your award.  Your email or letter must state the reason for your appeal and should be accompanied by any additional supporting evidence/information.

Please send your appeal to: Email: or Post: PO Box 19, Glasgow G2 1DU.

The appeals process will take no longer 28 days.  Receipt of your appeal will be acknowledged within 10 working days.

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