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Glasgow City Council

City Centre Contacts

Contact City Centre Team

How to contact us?

Should you require assistance regarding any of the following issues please select from the the appropriate contacts.


Your call is important to us and will be diverted to the relevant Glasgow City Council Service Department who will be able to provide assistance. 

  • Beggars - Police Scotland
    Phone  0141 532 3000
  • Busking Nuisance - Police Scotland
    Phone 0141 532 3000
  • Big Issue
    Phone 02075263444
  • Crimestoppers
    Phone 0800 555 111
  • CCTV Control Centre
    Phone 0141 287 9999
  • Water Mains Leakage or Bursts
    Phone 0845 600 8855

Useful websites

You can also choose from the following websites to contact us or email us directly:


Contact City Centre Team

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