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Fees and Charging Structure

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What is it?

The introduction of the Electronic Communication Code (ECC - December 2017) changed the charging structure for the hosting of telecoms equipment.

As the code is not prescriptive Glasgow City Council (GCC) have interpreted the code to come up with what 'consideration and compensation' means for our organisation.

The most important message is that the method is designed to expedite the process and be clear and consistent. This will allow operators to commit to Glasgow with confidence knowing the assets can and will be acquired for a fair and well considered price.

Factors considered in the Process

The following factors were prevalent in the process:

  • Whilst some landowners (urban or rural) may prefer not to have third parties of any sort on their property Glasgow understands the fundamental role that these sites play in providing connectivity and therefore forwarding GCCs digital ambitions.
  • Deployment of electronic communications equipment is effectively regarded as an imposition and there is a cost to GCC to service the requirements.
  • To make this process easier GCC have identify most common existing types of land use.
  • The legal agreements set-up fees are to cover combined legal fees and surveyor fees.
  • GCC have made assumptions typical site layout and configuration by applying dimensions that will capture most typical sites.

In summary the method is as follows:

  1. Banded Existing Use Value
    This is ECC based - Rounded up into bands to reflect imposition and minimum practical fee.
  2. Service Charge
    Admin time/resource based on GCC's internal processes and to ensure that the public purse is not out of pocket to host telecom site. Service charge applies where site access via, through or over GCC property. If accessed direct from the public road there is no service charge.
  3. Site Payment=> Banded EU Value+Handling Cost
    'Real' market value of owner's consent to code right which should be fair, proportionate, balanced - reflects imposition and admin burden.

Rental Agreement Fees

Please find a schedule of typical fees for the various rental agreements below:

Agreement TypeFee TypeFeesFrequency     

Small Cell Agreement

Setup Fee


One off

Small Cell Deployed
on street furniture    

Rental Fee/
Consideration and   



Roof Top Agreement

Setup Fee


One off

Roof Top Deployment

Rental Fee/
Consideration and 

Range of £1,000 to
£1,500 higher value if
inside space required
(£500 handling charge)           


Macro Site Agreement

Setup Fee


One off

Macro Site Deployment          


Range of £1,000 to £1,500
depending on site,
size and land value


Please note:


  • All statutory fees required to be implemented are not included e.g. TRO, PFW which should be met by the Telecoms investor at the appropriate point in the process
  • Where there is a 3rd party interest in a Macro site or Rooftop there will be additional costs payable by the Telecoms investor  (e.g. GHA, City Property, lenders).
  • Coal reports (£174) and legal reports (£199) may also be applicable.

Next Steps

Any company looking to deploy to GCC assets should select the appropriate template and fill in the required details.

If planning permission is required the normal planning process should be followed for more information click here.

All applications, documentation and queries should be sent to us by Email.  


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