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Guidance has been produced to help make sure all of your emails are accessible:

How to create accessible Outlook content


How to make emails accessible in Outlook

Email is part of our everyday lives and we might find that people read them using screen readers or text to speech software, so it is important to remember to make both internal and external emails as accessible as possible.

Microsoft have created guidance to help make your emails accessible in Outlook.

Check your information - as well as following the guidance for creating accessible emails, Microsoft's in-built accessibility checker should be used when writing emails.

The checker verifies the email against sets of rules that identify possible issues for people who have disabilities. Depending on the severity it classes each error as an error, warning or tip. It also gives recommendations on how to fix the issues.

Here is how to run and access the accessibility checker in Outlook.


Helpful accessibility tools in Outlook

Microsoft have built-in accessibility features to support people with disabilities and those who want to make their learning experiences easier on their device.

Read Aloud is a function in Outlook that enables an email to be read to you. This helps with fluency for readers with dyslexia, but the benefits extend beyond accessibility. They system reads the words exactly as written so helps editors catch errors such as missing words or typos. It also allows for hands free reading to allow users to multi-task more efficiently. Find out more about Read Aloud.

Please note if you experience any issues accessing these tools then you should contact the CGI Service Desk on 0141 287 4000 or email


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