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Guidance has been produced to help make sure all of your Powerpoint documents are accessible:

How to create accessible Powerpoint content


How to make presentations accessible in Powerpoint

As a Powerpoint presenter it is important to make your content accessible so your entire audience can fully create with the content you're creating. Your audience may include people with disabilities so it is important that all recipients of the presentation can understand the information within it.e

Microsoft have created guidance to help make your presentations accessible in Powerpoint.

Check your information-  s well as following the guidance for creating accessible presentations, it is important to use Microsoft's accessibility checker.

Here is instructions for how to run the accessibility checker in Powerpoint. Microsoft have also created a troubleshooting guide for Powerpoint which shows best practice for making presentations accessible.


Helpful accessibility tools in Powerpoint

Microsoft have built-in accessibility features to support people with disabilities and those who want to make their learning experience easier on their device.

Speaker Coach is a feature in Powerpoint which allows you to rehearse your presentation using the automated 'Rehearse with Coach' functionality.

Rehearse with Coach can help you with your pace and let you know if you're going too fast or slow. It helps make sure that delivery of your presentation is accessible to the audience you are delivering it to and helps you prepare in private to give more effective presentations. Find out more about Speaker Coach.

Please note if you experience any issues accessing these tools then you should contact the CGI Service Desk on 0141 287 4000 or email

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