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Glasgow City Council

Get a Social Work Service

What do we do?

We provide a variety of services which aim to:

  • ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable adults, young people and children
  • support individuals and families to maintain independence and to exercise choice about the way they live their lives

Our services include:

How do I ask for a Service?

You can apply online for:

During office hours you can contact Social Care Direct by:

If you need a service outwith office hours, you can contact Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Services on 0300 343 1505.

Can I get a Service?

We will ask you some questions about your needs and the support you require. We call this an assessment.  An assessment can involve discussions with staff from social work, health or housing. The purpose is to look at what your needs are and how best these needs can be met. Sometimes, it will only take a matter of days to complete the assessment and start providing services. For others, the assessment process may take some time.

We will use our eligibility criteria [39kb] to decide which level of need you fit into - low, moderate, substantial or critical. We will give priority to people with substantial or critical level of needs.  Not everyone will qualify for a service - we may only be able to provide information, advice, guidance or signposting to support people assessed as within the moderate or low risk categories.

For information on care and support services in Glasgow visit

Can I apply online for a Service?

Yes. We now have a number of online forms that you can use to apply for a service.  You can apply online for:

Do I need to pay for Services?

If we agree that you need a service then most people will have to make some contribution towards the cost of the social care service they use. However this will be based on your ability to pay, not the cost of the service. You will not pay more than you can afford and you will not pay more than the cost of the service. We will carry out a financial assessment based on your own circumstances to work out how much you need to pay.

For more information on paying for your service see our pdf icon Charging Policy [237kb] or our easy read Client Contribution Guide on Your Support Your Way Glasgow.

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