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Starting Primary School

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General Information

If your child is born between 1 March 2014 and 28 February 2015 they will be due to start school in August 2019. 

If you live in the Glasgow City boundary you must register your child for P1 at one of your catchment schools.  You have a choice of three catchment schools

· Non-Denominational

· Roman Catholic (RC)

· Gaelic medium

If you are unfamiliar with schools within your catchment area, please use our School catchment lookup 

*P1 registration is not open yet and the online form will be available for enrolment week normally around the second week in November* 

Enroling your Child

P1 registration for children starting school for August 2019 will take place during the second week of November.  We will provide an online form at the time to complete this process.  

To register your child at the local catchment school you will need need

  • A digital copy of the child's birth certificate (The requirement to upload a birth certificate only applies to children who did not attend a nursery or pre-school operated by Glasgow City Council)
  • The name of the local school/centre you wish to register the child. If you are unfamiliar with schools within your catchment area, please use our School catchment lookup before completing the form.

It is usual practice for children to attend their local catchment primary school.

Check the local catchment primary school and Gaelic medium school for your address.

Parents/Carers will have the opportunity to visit their local catchment school and should check the day(s), time(s) for visits with the school concerned.

If you wish to enrol your child for the start of the new school session in August 2019, they must have attained the age of 5 years between 1 March 2019 and the 28 February 2020.

Parents who may wish to enrol their child in Gaelic Medium Education can do so at two schools, one situated in Berkeley Street and the other on a shared campus with Glendale Primary School, Kenmure Street.

• Glasgow Gaelic School, 147 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7HP. Phone: 0141 276 8500

• Glendale Gaelic Primary School, 2 Kenmure Street, Glasgow, G41 1PH. Phone: 0141 429 3183

Enquiries or requests for paper applications can be made by contacting the CBS Hub on 0141 287 8000

Please note, as the parent/ carer you have the right to apply to place your child in a school other than your local school. You must complete an enrolment application before you submit a placing request. Once you submit your enrolment application, you can find information on how to apply for a placing request here.

Placing Request

Some parents may wish to make a written request to place their child in another school under the management of the Education Authority. Such a request is referred to as a placing request. It is essential however those parents must also register their child for Education at their local primary school initially and before submitting their placing request form.

Please refer to our placing requests page for further information.

Parents should note that if they apply and are successful for a placing request into a particular primary school, the child would not automatically transfer to the associated secondary school.

Parents should also note the successful placing of one sibling does not guarantee the placing of subsequent siblings at a later stage.

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