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There are a number of cycle based charities which focus on various aspects of cycling and facilitating access to cycle to a diverse range of groups. They all have one common goal, to increase cycling in Glasgow.

Have a look and find one near you and get involved by volunteering or using their facilities and services.

The Bike for Good

Bike for Good is a community enterprise with charitable status which provides recycling, reuse of donated bicycles and a host of initiatives to help encourage cycling for all.

Starting life as the Bike Shed in 2009, the project gained charitable status in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength with award winning programmes successfully delivered

The charity works in partnership with schools, universities and commercial organisations to promote access to bicycles across the city. The rebuilding of the cycles is largely by trained volunteers.

Bike for Good are part of the Glasgow Community Cycling Network which is a Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funded initiative which focuses on promotion of cycling for commuting and utility (just getting around) use of bikes. They have workshops in the Westend and the Southside of Glasgow.

For more information visit the Bike for Good website.

Common Wheel

Common Wheel is a charity which provides meaningful activity for people with mental illness, through working with bicycles and music.

Common Wheel based at three locations in Glasgow - bicycles at Maryhill and Bridgeton, and music at Gartnavel Royal Hospital. 

Officially opened in July 2000, the Common Wheel bicycle project gained charitable status a year later. Their focus is on teaching their clients how to build and maintain bicycles, and in the process gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

The bicycle workshops are run by skilled mechanics who ensure that all work done is of excellent quality. As part of the project, they sell reconditioned bicycles to the public at regular intervals and also provide servicing and repair facilities.

For more information visit the Common Wheel website.

Free Wheel North

Freewheel North are a Glasgow based charity who offer cycling on our own bikes for a wide range of groups including those with disabilities, adults new to cycling and young people.

This facility is located on Glasgow Green, adjacent the Templeton Business Centre. Additional to this is the Whitehouse at 1641 Maryhill Road, on the canal at Lock 21. The Whitehouse offers conference and café facilities.

If you would like to help us to develop the services we offer with either a donation or by volunteering, please get in touch or come down to the centre for a chat.

For more information visit the Free Wheel North website.


Sustrans have become established as a leading cycling and walking development charity in the UK.

In addition to overseeing the distribution of governmental grant funding, Sustrans also has an experienced team of professional staff involved in the development and monitoring of cycling across the country. They also have a volunteer section who survey and maintain cycle corridors.

For more information visit the Sustrans website.


Our vision is to create a stronger, healthier and more active community by encouraging cycling amongst Black and Minority Ethnic people.

Our services include 1 to 1 advice and support on all thinks bike related. This includes a bike and rider assessment; followed by advice on gear, components and clothing. We also do group rides, mechanical and road safety training. We have a fully functional workshop at our Cycling Centre a stone's throw away from the South West City Way cycle path. We have big ambitions to make cycling a lifestyle choice and to create a "Cycling Community".

For more information visit the Soulriders website.

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