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Glasgow City Council is continuing to develop and expand its cycle route network and associated infrastructure. This page will detail on-going projects and future projects.

Aikenhead Road Segregation Trial

Cycle lanes play an important part of delivering Glasgow City Council's Cycle Network Strategy. It is envisaged that much of the future network will be constructed from segregated cycle lanes. Segregated cycle lanes are dedicated bike lanes that increase feelings of safety and comfort, which makes cycling an attractive commuting option for those who are not used to riding their bikes regularly. Such lanes are already in place at Waterloo Street and in a short time the Tradeston cycle route. These routes use traditional kerb segregation which involves major construction, expense and drainage works.


The purpose of this trial is to monitor how each segregation product stands up to the climate, how durable they are and how they are perceived by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. This trial will take place over the period of one year.

A site at the North of Aikenhead Road has been chosen to trial out a range of new segregation concepts. Some of these concepts have been used successfully in mainland Europe such as the Netherlands, Barcelona and Seville amongst many others. Many of these concepts have been identified as 'light segregation'. This trial does not designate a route.


The product trial is located to the South of the city on Aikenhead Road just off Cathcart Road at Govanhill.

Taking part

The consultation on the cycle lane segregation trial is ongoing. We would like to gather your views and opinions about the different types of segregation methods we are trialling on Aikenhead Road. Your comments will help inform the future direction of the cycle network in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council have prepared an online survey via Survey Monkey. The survey should take no longer than five minutes and will be available until June 2016.

To give your input, please visit the Survey Monkey website

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