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IPG3: (SG3) Economic Development

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What is it?

This guidance relates to new Economic Development in the City and the treatment of the City's Economic Development Areas identified in the Policy and Proposals map. It introduces areas of transition where a more flexible policy approach may allow alternative non-Class 4, 5 and 6 development to be introduced to certain identified Economic Development Areas.

The guidance includes guidance to reflect the fact that Further Education Campuses and the larger NHS Campuses are now treated as Economic Development Areas.

The Guidance has been informed by an Interim Economic Development Areas Review. It should be noted that following the consultation it was clarified that the review is not able to revise any EDA designations in the Plan. An Early Review of the CDP will include a further more extensive assessment of all Economic Development Areas


Public consultation is expected to commence in April 2017.


Interim Planning Guidance (IPG 3) will operate as non-statutory planning guidance until conclusion of public consultation and a revised version is prepared for approval.

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