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Supplementary Guidance

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What is it?

Scottish Government states that Supplementary Guidance (SG) can be part of the Development Plan.  It can provide further information or detail on the policies or proposals that are in the development plan' (Circular 6/2013). 

Scottish Government envisages that because plans will focus on vision, the spatial strategy and overarching policies, SG will contain detailed material relevant to plan polices.

Each Policy in the Glasgow City Development Plan (CDP) has a corresponding piece of Supplementary Guidance with the exception of Policy CDP2 Sustainable Spatial Strategy. Instead of a single document the SG for Policy CPD2 will take the form of area specific spatial development strategies and masterplans.

Consultation and status

Each piece of SG has now undergone public consultation, with the exception of the Spatial Supplementary Guidance (see below). Seven pieces of SG have now been adopted. A further four pieces of guidance have recently finished public consultation and these are currently being revised based upon the consultation comments. Until these final four pieces of guidance can be adopted the Council will operate Interim versions of the guidance which are called Interim Planning Guidance (IPG).

These IPG's have the corresponding SG number, i.e. SG1 = IPG1. Once these final four pieces of guidance have been approved for adoption the Interim Guidance will be replaced by the Supplementary Guidance.

The consultation versions of the outstanding SG'S can be viewed via the consultation hub at Completed Consultations.  

A suite of topic based supplementary guidance has been prepared to sit alongside the new Plan below.

Adopted Supplementary Guidance

SG 4: Network of CentresSG 9: Historic Environment
SG 5: Resource ManagementSG 10: Meeting Housing Needs 
SG 7: Natural EnvironmentSG 11: Sustainable Transport
SG 8: Water Environment 

Guidance operating as Interim Planning Guidance

Please note IPG 1 will be replaced with SG1 when adopted on 29 October 2018.

IPG 1: (SG 1) Placemaking Part 1IPG 3: (SG 3) Economic Development
IPG 1: (SG 1) Placemaking Part 2*IPG 6: (SG 6) Green Belt & Green Network
 IPG 12: (SG 12) Delivering Development
*Part 2 of the guidance is split under the main headings with the following sub-headings:

Sustainable Development

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Inclusive Design
  • Temporary Uses
  • Community Facilities
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Development of Brownfield
    Land and Contaminated sites

Residential Development

  • Alterations to Dwellings and
    Gardens Residential Layouts
  • Residential Density
  • Conversion and Sub-division to
    Residential Use
  • Residential Development in
    Lanes and Gardens
  • Non-residential Development
    affecting Residential Areas
  • Residential Development in the
    City Centre 

Waste Storage, Recycling & Collection 

Commercial Premises

  • Commercial Uses in
    Residential Property
  • Alterations to Shops and
    Other Commercial Buildings


  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Outdoor Access and Play
  • Day Care Nurseries
  • Community Safety

Detailed Design

  • Building Materials
  • Tall Buildings

Public Realm

  • Public Realm
  • Lighting

Signs and Advertising

Spatial Guidance currently being prepared

The following spatial guidance is currently being prepared and will be adopted through the life of the Plan:

Strategic Development FrameworksLocal Development Frameworks
City CentreDrumchapel
Glasgow NorthSouth Central
Greater Easterhouse 
Inner East 
River Clyde 

A timetable for production and consultation on the Spatial Guidance will be published shortly


The Supplementary Guidance maps illustrate all the relevant spatial implications for that particular piece of guidance.  These maps should be read in conjunction with the City Development Plan : Policy and Proposals Map and Open Space Map:

SG3 - Economic Developmentpdf icon pdf version [913kb]
SG4 - Network of Centrepdf icon pdf version [905kb]
IPG6 - Green Belt/Green Networkpdf icon pdf version [1Mb]
SG7 - Natural Environmentpdf icon pdf verison [1Mb]
SG9 - Historic Environmentpdf icon pdf version [977kb]
SG11 - Public Transport Accessibilitypdf icon pdf version [3Mb]
IPG12 - Delivering Developmentpdf icon pdf version [935kb]
Policy and Proposals Mappdf icon pdf version [1Mb]
Open Space PAN65pdf icon pdf version [1Mb]



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