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Festive Policy and General Extensions

What is the Festive Policy?

Each year the Licensing Board publishes its policy on extended licensed hours for the festive period which, at the discretion of the Board, also includes extensions for recognised public holidays and events of national significance.

If Part 4 of the Operating Plan attached to your Premises Licence makes reference to the Board's policy on the festive period, then the extensions detailed in the current policy will apply automatically without the need to make an application for Extended Hours.

Current Festive Policy

pdf icon Current Festive Policy [184kb]

What are General Extensions to Licensed Hours?

Section 67 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 gives the board powers to grant a general extension to licensed hours in connection with a special event of local or national significance.

The Board can choose to apply the extension to all premises or to premises meeting certain criteria.

Premises can choose to operate during the extended hours.

Current General Extensions

In addition, in respect of the UCI Cycling World Championships 2023 taking place in Glasgow, the Licensing Board has determined to grant a general extension of one additional licensed hour beyond the terminal hour to all licensed premises with an on-sales facility from 3 August 2023 to 13 August 2023 (both dates inclusive), subject to the Specific Exclusions mentioned at Section Two of the Festive Policy.

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