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What is it?

The City Council has published a Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy (OSS) for Glasgow.  The Draft OSS sets out the ways in which the people, flora and fauna of Glasgow are likely to make use of open space, now and in the future, and sets out how these different demands on open space should be considered and met. 

It sets out an overarching approach to the City's open spaces, providing strategic direction that will guide the work, policy-making and investment decisions of all parts of the Council in managing the City's open spaces to allow Glasgow to flourish in future. 

Consultation on the OSS closed on 10 December 2018.  Responses received will be taken into account when producing the final version of the OSS.


Alongside consultation on the OSS itself, consultation also took place on a series of Local Context Analyses (LCAs).  The LCAs complement the draft OSS by helping identify where action within specified areas of the City can help meet the overall aims of the OSS.  Entering an address into the search facility on this map will provide you with a link to the LCA in which it is located. 

Please note that the Draft OSS provides a long-term vision for Glasgow's open spaces to ensure they meet the City's needs in the years to come.  It does not deal with the day-to-day management and maintenance of the parks and open spaces in the Council's ownership, which is set out in the Council's Parks & Greenspace Vision.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

In accordance with Section (8)1 of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, screening has determined that Strategic Environmental Assessment will not be required for the Glasgow City Council Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy 2018.  The Screening Determination and the Screening Report provide further detail.

Open Space Map

The Open Space Map illustrates the extent, type and spatial distribution of the open spaces protected by policy CDP6: Green Belt & Green Network of the City Development Plan. Each has been categorised on the basis of the open space typology set out in Annex 1 of the Scottish Government's Planning Advice Note 65.

The "splash screen" that opens when you click on the map link provides further information.

Open Space Standards

The OSS sets out a set of open space standards for the City. Amongst other things, they will help determine whether new or enhanced open spaces are required to support new development and whether a financial contribution should be taken for this purpose. 

Post-consultation on the OSS, the final standards will also be included in Supplementary Guidance SG6 to the City Development Plan.


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